Picnic Pictures in the Park

In my previous entry I mentioned having some pictures from a picnic we went to in the Fall of ’09. I was gonna post one picture with that answer but of course once I got into the pictures I decided I couldn’t stop at just one picture. So I thought I would just make a separate entry to post these. The ones of me kind of make me ill because these were taken after I had lost 35 pounds – all of which I have put back on again now. But anyway here they are. When you picture me please try to think of me looking like this instead of how I am now. I try to do that but it doesn’t work so well for me.

Me and my Man

These pictures were taken at one of the local parks here. We have such big beautiful parks that I can’t remember all of them. But this one had a gorgeous stone fireplace (behind us) in the picnic shelter.

My Sweet Kids

Michael looks exhausted because he and Ron had been playing and I made them stop to come for pictures. Lauren looks so perfectly put together because she and I had been having photo sessions.

See What I Mean

Isn’t a family picnic in the park all about taking pictures anyway?

My Fav Picture

This one is my favorite. Can you see why? Isn’t Lauren beautiful!


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