Noone Likes A Showoff But I Don’t Care

Original copy of Toy Box Leadership

But I’m gonna do it anyway for Show & Tell on Suzy’s blog at Not A Fertile Myrtle.

In 2009 my husband, Ron Hunter, Jr co-wrote a book with a friend of ours at the time, Michael Waddell. They had been carrying around this idea for a book for a while and finally put it together and sent it to Thomas Nelson who was thrilled to publish it for them. The book is called Toy Box Leadership – Leadership Lessons You Learned From the Toys You Loved As A Child.  It is pictured above. You can see the book website here. It has been a great success in the business world. It is available in hardback, paperback and now for Kindle. I am a little bit proud, can you tell?

Yesterday I was outside taking pictures of the snow and sky and noticed a box sitting up against the wall on the porch. I picked it up and noticed it was from Thomas Nelson. Now while I would have liked for it to be a check big enough that it needed to be in a BOX instead of an envelope. I realized that probably was not the case. Because the box was addressed to Ron I had to wait around for him to get up and open it. When he did, this is what he found:

German copy of Toy Box Leadership

Toy Box Leadership translated into GERMAN! We knew there had been some interest in a Korean translation but we hadn’t heard anything about a German translation. BAM!! Of course none of us can read a single word of it. But that doesn’t matter. It has Ron and Mike’s name at the top and pictures of toys on the front and it came from Thomas Nelson. Therefore we believe it is TBL in German. I am a proud wife!!

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