Phone Photo Friday – Bird Dreams

I got an adorable picture of Chewey this week. So I’ve decided that is the one I’m gonna share for Phone Photo Friday this week. He is such a stinker but he is so adorable. He’s just too adorable for his own good. I was sitting at my desk one day with the blinds open. There is a chair right next to the desk mostly for people but the cats like to jump up there when someone is at the desk too. Of course Chewey had to jump up and see what I was doing. Just as I was about to show him how to add a tweet and create a blog post he was distracted by some birds playing on the porch outside the window. I pretty much lost him at that point. Kids these days just can’t stay focused on one thing. Anyway here he is in all his handsomeness!

"WHAT WAS THAT? Did you hear that?"

I especially love how his long tail wraps around his paws in the front. He’s so proper – except when he is throwing up all over the house….SIGH!!! That’s not so proper.

Later that day he was also checking out the birds on the back porch. I’ve decided he is a birdaholic. Here he is keeping an eye on the birds in back.

"Oh what I would do if I could get at those birds....SIGH......"

See that one bird just struttin’ it’s stuff in front of him. It makes him crazy. They just dance around in front of the windows teasing him. I’m thinking about letting him go out some during the days in the spring. I suspect he will take care of those crazy birds then. He will be so angry when he learns they will be able to fly away from him.

Did you get some good pictures on your cell phone this week? Jump over to Circle of Love and show them off for Phone Photo Friday!


5 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday – Bird Dreams

  1. Thanks for linking up today : ) I love that Chewey is a ‘birdaholic’….LOL! My MIL cats do the same thing….they stare out the windows for hours watching those darn birds. Have a great weekend,

  2. Your cat photo cracked me up, because today, my mom’s cat snuck into the attic when I was cleaning it. about 30 minutes later, I had forgotten about him, and I was deep in the “bowels” of the crawl space when I came upon what I later realized was Jimmy Cat, sitting upright and unmoving, staring straight at me. I SCREAMED. Good thing he didn’t freak out–He was probably thinking, “what a lunatic.”

  3. Aw, that looks so much like my kitty Miso! And Miso also wraps his tail around himself like that. And throwing up? Well, yeah, that too.

    Don’t you just love when they look at birds? They’re always so intense about it. 🙂

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