This Could Work For Me

This week’s 3 in 30 update is much better then last week’s was. Last week I was struggling with the reading but dong well with the laundry. The only question I have this week is “Is it possible to do all 3 goals in the SAME DADGUM DAY?” Seriously? Well, I said this week was better so I will try not to complain.

The beginning of the year I had set a goal for myself to read 30 books in 2011. At that point I was not in the mood to read and was really worried. That’s why I renewed the goal for February for 3 in 30. So, my goal for February was to complete a book and be well into a second by the end of the month. It just so happens that I completed a book this week – On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah. Very good, by the way. I have now begun Amazing Grace by Danielle Steel. And I am well under way into it. So, basically, I have already completed one of my goals. But I’m not gonna stop. My new goal is to complete this second book by the end of the month. YAY!!

I have been working some on my devotions as well. Not as much as I would like. So that is the goal I am focusing on at this point. There’s just something about spending quiet time with the Lord every day that is so difficult to schedule in. Satan just doesn’t like it and sabotages us all along the way. The goal is to not allow myself to be sabotaged.

Now the laundry – oh the laundry……..

See what I have to work with? See little Faith on the left? Perspective on the pile....SIGH

I have missed a couple of days this week of doing my load a day. But the kids have worked on theirs this week so that has slowed me down some. They usually do theirs on Sundays but they’ve had a couple of snow days this week (which I am O-V-E-R, by the way!!) so they have used them to work on their rooms and clothes. So, it’s thrown my schedule off a bit. YES, I do have a schedule. It is a loose schedule but it is a schedule. So there!! Anyway, back to the daily load this week.

I feel much better about my report this week. I think I’m settling in a bit….I’ve already started thinking about next months goals. This could work for me!


5 thoughts on “This Could Work For Me

  1. Great steps towards your goals 🙂 My problem is that once I pick up a book, I don’t put it down until I’m finished, so that’s when I fall behind!! Isn’t it great to just sit and read?!

  2. Man, laundry seems to be an issue for everyone! So glad it’s not just me! 🙂

    Great job finishing the first book! I seem to go in spurts with my reading…nothing for a couple of months, then five books in a month! (Of course, nothing else gets done that month, lol!)

  3. Good for you reaching your book goal. My goal was to read 12 books this year – sad but true. I love to read but never give enough time to it. Maybe small steps is the way to reach my goal. I’m on my 3rd book so far this year – good luck!
    Debbie from

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