Finding The Perfect Happy In The Weekend

I had a lot of happy moments this weekend. Once again my Perfect Moment Monday and Finding The Happy this week are the same thing. First you should know we are a full-on all-out intense soccer family. Both Michael and Lauren have played since they were 5 and have now been on their high school teams for 3 years. The thing about our school is that it is an OLD school (Oprah Winfrey graduated from our school in the same building). We have a track with a field in the center of it but no stands and didn’t even have a football team until 2 years ago. Most of the sports’ budgets were rolled over into starting the football team so we have had no money for anything else. Last year the grandparents of one of the boys on our boys team donated the money to purchase soccer goals. We have been having to travel across town to play in a city soccer park. We were not able to charge admission to our games because it was on city property. This past Saturday some members of the boys team, our new soccer coaches, Lauren & Rhiana and my hubs, Ron met at school to put the new soccer goals in place. Even as I type this it makes me tear up to think the pride our kids will now have in our school and their team. I showed up to pick the girls up a couple hours after they started and took a few pictures. Here they are:

As you can see the girls were working hardest of all

Lauren and Rhiana's job was to look good and pose for pictures

Look at that goal in the background! Makes me proud and we didn’t even buy them for our kids.

My boy hard at work. It wasn't easy stretching that net.

Ron and some of the other boys on the team were clear at the opposite end putting the other goal together. The field was muddy and I was dressed up so I didn’t wanna walk all the way down there. Sorry. 🙂

Thanks for sharing my perfect happy moment this weekend. We are also getting new uniforms and new school balls. FINALLY – REAL coaches with a REAL love for the game and the REAL desire to see the team and the kids succeed in their sport.  That makes a Soccer Mom happy!

If you have some happy moments you would like to link up be sure to click the links in the first paragraph or click the buttons in my Monday section in the left sidebar. It’s fun to read all the happy moments. There are too many negatives in the world. Let’s share some happiness.


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