Why I Love My Fibromyalgia

You know! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my Fibro. I think my Tweeps are to thank for that. I was thinking today that I should come up with a list of reasons that I LOVE my Fibro. You read that right – reasons I LOVE it! I’m not sure how long the list will be. But nonetheless it will help me to focus on something besides the pain for the period of time I am writing this. And then thinking through and making a list would help to put my mind in a different direction realizing that there are things to be thankful for even in this area of my life. Now, I write off the fly – just off the top of my head. I don’t make notes. I don’t “mind map” like Ron thinks I should. (heeheehee) I don’t make rough drafts. I write and post – that’s that! Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m gonna write about till I sit down here and click in the Add New Post box and put my fingers on the keyboard. Ron doesn’t understand it at all. But then he’s a publisher with a million editors who make people rewrite something 100 times. So, here we go, noteless, editorless and draftless. (In case you wonder why I went off on that tangent, it was because I’m trying to come up with actual reasons to put in this post – as is this sentence as well…)

Ok enough with the stalling. Reasons I love my Fibro:

1. It helps me to focus on the good times. If you have Fibro then you know that the good times are few and far between sometimes. Yes, I may get upset, feel guilty and angry that I’m not able to do the things my mind wants to do but when I have a good day I sure make the most of it. Like yesterday I had a very nice FULL day like a normal person! I rarely make it to church these days. But yesterday I made it both times. I soaked up every second. I didn’t squander the time away. I was grateful to be in church with my family and friends. It was the perfect Sunday. The joy of that day will carry me through for a while now. I don’t take those days for granted. I’m thankful that the bad days help me focus on the good days even more.

2. It forces me to look “up”. I am a Christian. I am not a perfect Christian but who is? When I am laying in bed trying not to move so as not to exacerbate the pain even more the only thing I can move (minus the Fibro Fog days) is my mind. When I’m having a great day and am out and about it is sometimes hard for me to remember to stop and pray and thank God for it. But when I am flat on my back the only place to look is up. I find myself praying more. I may not always get to read my Bible because of my headaches. But my prayer life improves, I can tell you that.

3. It helps me to be more sympathetic to those around me who are hurting. I am more aware of them. I feel like I’m more intuned to them and their pain – rather emotional or physical. It would be easy for me to focus only on myself. I could focus only on how miserable I am on the bad days or on how great I am doing on the good days. I don’t know if I always show it to them. I should think about that. But I know it makes me more sensitive to their losses and struggles.

So there are reasons to be thankful for my Fibromyalgia. There are also reasons for all of us to be thankful for struggles we face. The key is to focus less on self and more on how you can change that bad to something good. Please don’t think though that I am one of those people who always see the positive. If you read my first paragraph you know that it took some thinking for me to focus on what things I have to be thankful for. I will say it is good for the frame of mind to occasionally think outside of the pain. It’s good to occasional think of how our lot in life is making us better instead of worse.

What are you thankful for?

7 thoughts on “Why I Love My Fibromyalgia

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  2. I have learned a lot from having fibro, I have met some amazing ladies in my fibro group but I don’t love having fibro. I hope that one day, for even a moment, I can write something like this. Thanks for a new perspective.

  3. I agree with your list! There are things to be thankful for. I try to be positive and I think of how many wonderful people, yourself included, would I not have met without this disease.

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