Seriously? How Is This Supposed To Work? Seriously!

A few weeks ago Lauren complained of having a sore throat. We gave her some medicine and some echinacea and she got better. Last week Michael said he had a sore throat. Because of soccer practice in the cold and rain every day his lingered and he missed some school last week. He is now better. And then there is me. Sunday I noticed I had a sore throat. Joy joy joy! If there is anything I can’t handle it is a sore throat. Yes I can take the pain of fibromyalgia and the daily headaches and the anxiety/depression. But if you give me a sore throat I am a baby whining and wanting to be waited on hand and foot.

Yesterday I put out a desperate plea for a home remedy that would help my sinus problem. Everyone suggested the Neti Pot. I have heard the glorious raves about them. I was determined I would never use one because it’s just weird. Seriously? Pouring water up your nose will help you feel better? Really? Now I’m no swimmer (literally – I can’t swim) but even I know that water up the nose can lead to water in the lungs which can kill you. Ok! That’s just a dumb idea! And I am having no part of it. Thanks but no thanks! I will keep downing all the cold/sinus medicine we have in this house until I feel better.

Well, that was my plan until about 8:30 last night when the pressure in my sinus’ was horrendous. For real? Why so much pressure! Can’t I just stick a pin in my face and relieve the pressure? It seems like that would feel so much better. But I knew somewhere in my pained brain that that wouldn’t actually do anything but create a hole in my face. So, I texted Ron (who was working out at the gym – JERK) and asked him to stop at the store and buy me a neti pot.  See how desperate I was? So sad!

When he came home and dropped it on the bed in front of me he smirked and walked out.

This is the one he brought me

He didn’t think I would actually do it. He thinks he knows everything. HMPH! I opened it up and read the directions. I promptly took it all straight to the bathroom before I lost my nerve. And Dadgumit if I didn’t pour salt water up my nose. I felt ridiculous and after glancing at myself in the mirror I knew I LOOKED ridiculous. I managed to only pour it down my throat one time. I was pretty proud. I must admit that I did feel less pressure after using it although I don’t understand why. Even after reading the explanation of how it works I still didn’t understand it. But there are a ton of things I do everything that I don’t understand how they work but I do them anyway.

So, I’m still not sure how pouring salt water up your nose takes the sinus pressure away. But I’m glad that it did. I’m actually off to use it again because my face feels like a gigantic bruise and my ears are hurting. I wonder if you pour salt water in your ears if that will help clear them up to.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm I’ll let you know!

Anyway, I’m not convinced that I am in love with the neti pot yet. But if it takes this pain away then I am ok with it. So, I’m off to pour salt water up my nose! Makes perfect sense to me……..NOT!

Seriously? Who came up with this idea?


12 thoughts on “Seriously? How Is This Supposed To Work? Seriously!

  1. I don’t know how it works either, but I was desperate and used a neti-pot one time and it felt so good and really helped 🙂 Sounds kind of funny tho lol
    ❤ Lesha

  2. I have the “bottle” version of the Neti Pot. For me, it helps during pollen season to keep all the dust out. I use it in the morning and evening. When I have a cold or stuffiness, it helps to come extent to get some of the “gunk” out – at the very least it keeps moisture in the passages. It seems strange, but my docotr recommended it years ago when I kept getting recurring sinus infections. I like the bottle much better than trying to use the pot. The key is to not flood your nose so much that the water drains out right away – give it a chance to get into your sinuses. Also, maintain a constant, smooth flow with the bottle to that it does not sting – like when you get water in your nose when swimming.

    Like I said, it sounds strange and even looks weird, but it does help. Hand in there!


  3. I’ve never used an actual neti-pot but I hear they are great. I just use salt water in a dixie cup. Mostly because I’m cheap. lol.

    I get a TON of hits on my site for a post I did on how barometric pressure affects the body. I don’t want to put a link here because I don’t want to be like all promotie on YOUR blog, lol. But you can search there and see it. Also, take a garlic pill daily during “sick” weather. We all swear by them here. And they DO NOT make your breathe stink! Promise!

  4. I use a squeeze bottle cause I got mine a few years ago – I think the Neti Pot is better but when my sinuses are really bad it is the best thing and i’m not ingesting all those chemicals. i learned the hard way a couple of years ago when Sudafed caused me all sorts of problems – just can’t take most meds! I think you will find it is worthwhile –

  5. Pam, when I first read your tweets about a neti-pot, I had no clue what you were talking about. I don’t remember EVER seeing or hearing of this contraption. I’m going to confess, I’m like you, though. I don’t like water in my nose ~ so I’m not convinced God expects me to do that to get rid of a sinus infection. Please do keep me posted on how this thing works! 😉

  6. Good for you! I don’t know if I could do it, like how some people would never think of putting a contact lense in their eye, but I’m glad it worked for you.

    It does seem so “new age-y”, doesn’t it? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Good post!

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