In A Word……Productive

It’s NaBloPoMo time again. After January I said I wasn’t gonna do them anymore. But this month’s theme seems fun and easy. So, here we go. The theme is “In A Word”. My friend, Suzy, created the button. She did such a nice job. I’m gonna post it here and link it back to her blog so you can see how creative she is.


So for today In A Word entry I choose the word……Productive! For the last 10 days or so I have been useless to the world because I have been sick – basically a waste of space and oxygen. Today I may have still been those things but at least I got something accomplished today. In trying to keep with my continued 3 in 30 goals I have done all the laundry. Please hold your applause!! Ahh – go ahead and applaud…I’ll wait…………….Thank you thank you thank you……

I forgot how many loads I’ve done. I lost count at about 43. Not only have they all been washed and dried but also put away. It is a miracle. I kind of figured I needed to do it all in spite of how cruddy I was feeling or had been feeling when I got the “Hunter look” most of the evening yesterday – not only from Ron but also from Michael – who has loving picked up the tradition passed down from Hunter man to Hunter man for generations. I’m sure there were Hunter cavemen grunting and giving their women the Hunter look. Pretty sure that’s where it came from. And now my son is proudly carrying on the tradition. I am just busting with pride.

I also managed to shower and wash my hair today. You’re welcome, America. Some days those things are just too much for a spoonie to accomplish. Today I was able to squeak it out. I didn’t put on REAL clothes. Let’s not get carried away now. There’s no reason for that.

And the bonus for the day was that I……..wait for it……………………CHANGED THE SHEETS!!! I can hear the gasp from around the world. I won’t tell you how long it’s been since that has happened. Let’s just say that there were tiny pebbles in the bed left by the Hunter cavemen of the past.

Anyway, whatever the motivation, whether the 3 in 30 goals or the Hunter man looks, I have accomplished more in this one day than I have in the last 10 days combined. So, In a Word…..Productive! Yay, Me!!


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