In A Word….Insecurities

I have been reading a Beth Moore book on insecurity. It’s called So Long, Insecurity. Oh if it were only that simple to just tell it goodbye and that is the end of that. I know that insecurity is just a part of life. I doubt there is anyone out there who doesn’t deal with insecurity in some part of their lives. And if anyone says they don’t then I’m pretty sure they are blind to that part of themselves or just downright fibbing.

If I were to list all the areas of my life where I am insecure I would have to make this entry into a series. And God only knows how long that series would be. I have done many Bible studies that have brought my insecurities to the surface and forced me to deal with them only to find a few months later that they are right back where they started from – right in the center of my heart. I think they are kind of like that plastic wrapping that you can’t shake off your hands when you unwrap something. You know the kind I mean, it’s all static-y and clings to you. You may happen up on an instance in your life where you are forced to face an area of insecurity. You spend days or weeks bringing it to the surface, working to understand where it came from, struggle your way through the process – and just when you think  you’ve nipped it in the bud something happens and BAM there it is again. It’s clings to you.

Your area of insecurity may involve your looks, your intelligence, your relationship with someone in your life or your upbringing. Insecurities arise from the lies we tell ourselves or lies others tell us and we choose to believe. But God created us in His perfect image. I saw a quote this morning and retweeted it. It says “It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes” (Sally Field). That’s exactly what we are doing to ourselves – judging ourselves through other’s eyes. We should be seeing ourselves through the eyes of our creator. Yet we spend more time worrying about how we are viewed by someone else and don’t give a second thought to God’s view. That’s why we can never free ourselves from our insecurities. Only God can help us to be the person we were meant to be. He made us. He knows us better than anyone. When we allow ourselves to work to please other people we are going to fail. Until we correct our motivation we will remain on the roller coaster of insecurity.

Think about it – we feel insecure about the way we look because we see someone else who looks better. We feel insecure about what and how much we feel like we know and can talk intelligently about because we hear someone else speak on a higher level than we can ever think. We feel insecure about our level of spiritual intelligence because we feel so-and-so is so much closer to God and knows so much more about the Bible. The common denominator in those situations is the “other person” – the “someone else”. We should be measuring ourselves against what God says in His Word. We need only be concerned with God’s view of us and how we live – not man. Other people are just as flawed as we are.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get all of this into one entry. Looks like I will be back with more. If you have connected with anything I have said here you may want to pick up a copy of Beth’s book. You can follow the link above to find out how to purchase one. The book is also listed in my “On My Nightstand” page as one of the book I cannot recommend enough. I’m on my second pass through the book. It is amazing. I’m hoping more of it “sticks” this time through.

God bless you as you travel your journey through life and fight with your insecurities. I truly know the path well.


3 thoughts on “In A Word….Insecurities

  1. I often times feel secure about my parenting style. Oh so and so’s baby never had problems going to sleep, you should have done this, then I think OMG, I did set my child back because I didn’t do something earlier in his infancy. Or because my son isn’t completely organic, I must be a bad mom, because my son is 2 years old and not potty trained yet, I’ve got to be a slacker…ugh it catches up with me and I feel insecure about myself and my abilities as a mother and yes of course I’m self conscious about my post pregnancy flat tire around my belly. I need to just let it all go and be me!! Sounds like a good read and a good confidence builder.

    I stumbled your post!

  2. I don’t think it’s possible to eradicate insecurities all together. I think the trick is to identify them and them learn ways to move beyond them. That’s what I’m aiming for, anyway! Great post!

    Visiting via the Rewind.

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