Life Just Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Electricity

Today’s You Capture theme is Electronics. It’s interesting that this happens to be the theme for this particular week. Tuesday I spent most of the day without electricity. So, while taking the pictures for the theme I realized just how grateful I truly am for all things electric in this house this week. Spend 6 hours without electricity and see how life is different for you. Last month my parents spent 3 1/2 DAYS without electricity. They were heating coffee and food over CANDLES. Sure makes a difference in our lives. I can’t imagine ever living in the days before electricity. I was surely born in the right time period.

My favorite electronic device.

And Dr. Phil is telling it like it is. This TV was also affected when the lightening struck our transformer outside. It just got back to working order this morning.

Another one of my favorite electronic devices

And yes it is on Beth’s website. I was checking out her American Idol chat and making sure what the You Capture theme was before posting. And then I rushed around taking my pictures. I’m a last minute kind of person. I could make some really good excuse for my procrastination here but there just isn’t one. I’m just cool like that!

And very organized

Don’t ask….because I just really don’t know….

Again - don't ask....

I do know what the colorful square is……And the item in the yellow package is an ipod sensor. I don’t actually know that because I use one. I only know that because it’s written on the package. Don’t judge!

All of these things would not be in working order were it not for these guys on Tuesday:

Nashville Electric Service at work!

They are my new best friends! Except I don’t know their names. That’s an insignificant detail at this point. OH and yes that is my vehicle parked in the driveway in the picture. So, you can imagine that when lightening struck that transformer I came out of my skin and very nearly wet myself. Faith and the cats took off flying upstairs as well. And I’m glad because I wouldn’t want them to see how scared I was. I would have preferred Faith stayed at my side to protect me from the big bad noise. But she took off with the scaredy cats. I see how it is! HMPH!


4 thoughts on “Life Just Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Electricity

    • Just our Directv on the downstairs tv was friend. Thankfully the upstairs one was fine or I would have been so incredibly bored all week. I may have had to resort to housework or some other equally evil thing.

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