I have no idea how this happened. And somedays I am sad about it. Somedays I am happy about it. Somedays I am in a state of shock about it. Somedays I am just confused about it. But each of my children have now visited their #1 choice colleges. And today Lauren actually turned in her college application for Lipscomb University.

Today was LU Friday visit day for prospective students. Lauren pretty much chose Lipscomb the first time she set foot on the campus in her freshman year to play Lipscomb High School in soccer. I think she fell in love with the soccer field and then eventually the school. But whatever it takes. Lipscomb is a LOCAL CHRISTIAN university. Our only real requirement for a college for her was that she choose a Christian school. The fact that Lipscomb is in Nashville is icing on the cake. I never really expected her to go far from home anyway. She is a family girl and doesn’t like the idea of being away from home for very long. I am just fine with that!

A few months ago we went to meet with the women’s soccer coach. Since the first day she fell in love with the school she also knew that she wanted to play soccer there. He is a young and determined man who wants his team to be the best and to focus, above all else, on their relationship with God and their academics. Then he wants to WIN! We love his priorities. He gave her some terrific goals and helpful advice on how to prepare herself to play for him and Lipscomb. Because of national recruiting regulations he has not been allowed to make any contact with her. However, she is permitted to contact him as often as she likes. He is just not able to reply to her. So since that meeting she has texted him at least once a week to keep him updated on her soccer activities. We are all looking forward to the day that he is permitted to reply to her and is able to come and watch her play.

Lauren at the Lipscomb Soccer Field

Anyway, today was visiting day. We got an official tour, she sat in on a class, we spent some bucks in the bookstore (I got some goodies too) and we were basically just treated like royalty. Her best friend from middle school is also planning on going to Lipscomb. So, she and Paige have already worked out their roommate plans. They have already started discussing how they are going to decorate their room. We didn’t get to stay for the dorm tour because we had to get home for Lauren to go to an overnight church event. But since we are local we will be able to drop in any time to do that.

At the end of the day they showed us a video of a summer “camp” type program for students to participate in during the summer between their Junior and Senior year of high school that they offer called Summer Scholars. Participants are given 3 college credits and guaranteed acceptance to the school after graduation. We were very impressed with that. After the video she looked at me and said “I WANNA DO THAT!!!”. How do you say no to that? So she will have a VERY full summer but she is excited about this as much as anything else she is doing this summer.

Before we left she filled out her application and we turned it in. She has now officially applied to college. I’m not sure how we got from February 24, 1995 to college application day so quickly. But God has laid out the path and she is following it. I am forever grateful for how He has led her and for her listening heart. We have prayed for her future since before she was born. It is amazing to step back and just watch it all unfold. He has her by the heart and is guiding her along. Occasionally the path has been rocky – especially in her teen years – but we are making it through. I’m excited to see what else He has in mind for her.

Outside Ezell Hall at Lipscomb University

Our Schedule for LU Friday

The Beautiful Stained Glass Windows In The Chapel

Finishing out The Day - Lauren, Rhiana and Brianna - Friends From East Lit

(The pictures in this post are also my pictures for Phone Photo Friday. Just jump over there and check out the other fun entries when you can. We’d all love for you to join in as well.)


12 thoughts on “In A Word…..COLLEGE

  1. What!!!! Really???? THAT is where we think our DD will end up going. Of course, she is just 16 and may spend an extra year at home going to community college. BUT, if she is going to go OFF to college in the next few years, that’s probably the one. If she goes the semester after graduation, she will be there for Fall ’12. GASP!

    IN FACT, do you know about Summer Scholars? It’s a 3-credit course for ONLY $750 for rising seniors. It’s a 10-day program from July 8 – 18. DD hopes to be there, but she hasn’t taken the SAT or ACT yet and so she doesn’t know if she’ll meet he minimum score to take the class. It’s definitely in the works though. She will probably take the ACT (or SAT) in April.

    We will already be in Nashville for Lipscomb’s Summer Celebration from June 29th to July 1st, so the fact that Summer Scholars starts the same month is fantastic. I won’t have to make two trips to TN! The boys and I will just stay with my parents, or do a bit of traveling, while she is at Summer Scholars.

    Anyway, how COOL is that? How small is this world? ;oP

    • That is so cool!!!! Yes, I mentioned SS in my post. Lauren is planning to go as well. And she will also start school Fall ’12. It is a small world indeed! So very cool!

      • Yeah, we are typing over top of each other. LOL! I realized you posted about SS after I went pack to read the post again. I totally missed the bottom of your post!

    • Oh, and I meant to tell you that one of the ladies from our church arranged for several of our congregation’s kids to go to LU Friday two years ago. DH took them and he concurs that they were treated VERY well! 🙂 No one else from church is really that interested in LU, except for DD. But, we are pretty much the only ones who are NOT from around here and DON’T mind leaving. ROFLOL! The rest of them want to stay HOME for college. DD doesn’t mind going off to college, but we are all sort of thinking we might move in a few years. Who knows? Hindsight is 20/20, but we’ve asked ourselves a million times WHY we didn’t move to TN in the first place! (It’s MY fault. I regret it! Long story, which I will share with you sometime.)

  2. I’m freaking out about my daughter starting kindergarden this fall. Will she be ok, will she eat her lunch, will she make good friends? College……I’m afraid it’s going to come way too soon.

    • Yes it will come too soon. I remember Lauren used to cry all day every day in K. She would just sit and do her work w/tears running down her face because she missed me. Her teacher would write such sad notes to me about how bad she felt for Lauren. Those days seem like just yesterday. I cannot believe she applied to college today. My heart walks around inside of her. I think this time I will be the one crying every day.

  3. Hey Pam…thanks for linking up last week. Sorry I did not make it over sooner. I am sure you are so overwhelmed with emotions about college. It is so exciting yet so scary. Sounds like your daughter has a good head on her shoulders. You have guided her well and soon she will use what you gave her to grow and develop on her own 🙂

  4. It sounds like everything is just going swimmingly! That summer college credit camp sounds really neat. Reading this post brought me right back to when my BFF and I were planning how we were going to decorate our college dorm room, together. We even got matching duvets!

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