In A Word….Memorizing…..With Do Not Depart (Yes I know that is 5 Words)

Today begins a new journey in my spiritual life. I follow Katie Orr on Twitter. I have noticed that she is always tweeting scripture. This morning I checked out her hashtag (#HideHisWord) and went to the blog connected with most of her tweets, Do Not Depart. She is hosting a scripture memory challenge. I have never ventured into memorizing large portions of scripture because I have such awful Fibro Fog at times. It seemed like a senseless thing for me to attempt. However, I believe that I can go about it slowly and in small chunks. My memorization schedule may be much different than everyone else’s because I am going to go very slowly at a pace that I think my foggy brain can handle. It seems everyone is choosing their own passage. I have chosen the book of James because it is my daughter’s favorite book. I would love for she and I to do this together. We have both been having an issue with a consistent quiet time. So, I believe this will help her as well as helping me. I’ve always wanted to do this but never attempted because I didn’t think I could do it. What better reason is there than that to actually DO IT?

So, here is my plan (subject to change based on what my foggy brain can do):

1. I will memorize the first two chapters of James in the NIV in one year (by March 5, 2012).

2. I will memorize one verse a week.

3. I will write a blog post about my progress once a month according to the challenge guidelines and link them up to Do Not Depart.

4. I will post a quarterly vlog (video) reciting what I have memorized to show my progress.

Please visit Katie’s blog via the links above in order to read more about the challenge and join in. She has a lot of terrific tips on how to go about memorizing scripture. She also lists other sites of bloggers participating in the challenge so that you can find the encouragement and camaraderie that you need as you walk this journey together.

If you plan to join us, swing by there and read the guidelines and grab the button. It would be great to have someone to work with. This is not gonna be easy for me. Especially let me know if you plan to participate and you are a spoonie. I know it will be very difficult for us. The support for one another will help us to succeed.

If I can attempt to do this then you can too. We can do it together! Please join us. Come hide the Word in your heart along with me. Think of the benefits. They far outweigh the negatives. After all God tells us in His Word that memorizing scripture is good for us and serves a very real purpose. I will leave you with that verse.

Psalm 119:11 – I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.


One thought on “In A Word….Memorizing…..With Do Not Depart (Yes I know that is 5 Words)

  1. SO EXCITED! Love this post. Love your determination, paired with flexibility. A verse a week sounds like a great plan! Even if you only memorized ONE verse this year, isn’t that better than nothing?!

    Looking forward to getting to know you through this challenge.

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