A Sweet Shot

A couple of months ago Ron bought Faith a new bed. The problem was that she wouldn’t use it. The cats, however, are quite fond of it. So it is not going to waste. So yesterday I decided to buy her a new bed. The original bed that she had suddenly became Biskit’s litter box when we first got Chewey. I know it’s gross. I wasn’t particularly excited about it when I discovered it myself. So while I was in the doggie aisle getting Faith’s food at Target yesterday I noticed this adorable little bed. I thought it would be just the right size. It ended up being a little too small. But when she curls up in her sleeping ball (heehee) it’s a good fit. I showed it to her when I first got home. She gave it a good sniffing. I put it in various places around the living room. And I talked about it with her all afternoon. I would take her over to it and sit her down in it. Of course she would automatically jump right back out. So this morning I noticed she was curled up on a blanket on the couch (at least it wasn’t my clean laundry – UGH). I thought this would be a good time to take advantage of the sleepies….so I folded up the blankets and put them away and moved the bed up on the couch in the exact same spot. I was pleased to see that she jumped right in it. And she was positively the cutest thing ever. See for yourself!

Mommy, this is not a good time for a photo shoot......

Isn’t she just precious? Her adorableness is just too much for me to handle sometimes! And I’m thankful that she likes her new bed. I should note here that a couple of hours after this picture was taken she went out for a potty break. When she came back inside she jumped right back up on the couch and hopped back in the bed. SCORE!!!!

Wanna see some more precious pics? Jump over Darcy’s blog for more Sweet Shot Tuesday pictures! And join in. I know you have some sweet shots in that cell phone of yours. I know I have about 2300 myself! Share share share…..


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