In A Word….Handbags (for Top Ten Tuesday)

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday entry. I’ve been thinking through what to share as my introductory post to give all the Top Ten Tuesday readers an idea of who I am and what I love. And I also joined Pinterest this morning. The first thing I wanted to share there was a board of PURSES! So I thought the best thing to share for TTT to show who I am to the world is my Top Ten purses that I want – but will probably never have because they are too stinkin’ expensive. I may just share a different favorite brand of mine each week for oh……. the next 52 weeks. I won’t do that but that’s how much I am in love with purses. We have a limited budget since I am a SAHM with a chronic illness ($$$$) with two teenagers ($$$$) who are 17 1/2 months away from both going to college at the same time ($$$$). So, the way my sweet hubs and I have worked it out for me to get a REAL designer purse is that I use our budgeted Christmas amount for me each year on a purse. That still limits what I can get because some of the bags that I especially love are still out of our price range which is usually in the neighborhood of $300-$400. But it gets close and I get that thrilling feeling of carrying a REAL beautiful bag on my arm. Some may call me shallow but I don’t care. It’s my present and it’s what I love. Isn’t that what giving gifts is all about? Besides, I’ve been called much worse. Shallow is nothin’!

Ok – on with the gorgeous bags!

1. The Artsy GM is just a mere $1,860. That’s about 6 Christmases worth of budget. But it has a large interior which is what I love, need and want!

Ahhhhhhh - this calms me just looking at it..........

2. Of  course for spring and summer I would love to have the Multi-colored Speedy. I mean, who wouldn’t want it! And at the bargain price of $2,520.

3. Now for a few Coach bags. Coach bags are so sophisticated looking. One particular bag that I’ve been wanting is a patent leather bag. This one would also be for spring/summer. And it is considerably less expensive than the LV bags. This is the Patent Leather Holly for $798. That’s just 2 1/2 Christmases. Not bad.

So beautiful! And so classy looking!

4. I must admit that I am seriously addicted to the color black. When Lauren and I go shopping together she all but grabs the black clothes from my hands and runs away to hide them. But I LOVE black! This next bag comes in 3 colors but of course my favorite one is the black one. It is the Coach Kristin Elevated Leather Tote and rings up at a mere $698. I can feel it on my arm already.

It would hold all of my junk beautifully!

5. Kate Spade has always been one of my favorite handbag designers. While I have never owned one of her bags I love her vintage bags the best. It’s so hard to find a vintage bag though. However, this bag caught my eye because it has a pattern. I’m all about having a bag that stands out and draws in the eye. This is the Houndstooth Nylon Stevie and is definitely in the Christmas budget price range. It rolls up to the register at $285. DOABLE!!

This bag says "SEE ME!"

6. This next Kate Spade bag is very close to the bags I loved as a teenager/college student. And it just so happens to be so cute! Perfect spring/summer bag. It is also affordable with the Christmas budget at $295. Hmmmmmm Very nice…..

This bag says "I'm super cute" - clearly I need it!

7. Burberry is another brand that I’ve always wanted to own but never have had the pleasure! They have many different patterns now. But I’ve always loved the original with the checked print. So, I am all over this bag! The Burberry Belted Check Print Hobo at just $950. Yummmmm

Ready for a Polo match, darlin'!

8. I must admit that I have been wanting a RED bag for a couple of years. My girlfriend has one (different brand) and the first time I spotted it I knew I had to have a red one. Oh my word! It is so beautiful. And it’s loud and attention getting – just like me. This Burberry bag would totally get attention! It’s the Burberry Belted Leather Satchel and rings up at a reasonable $1,495.

Doesn't this just scream "HOT"???

9. And one of my favorite brands also happen to be one of the easiest brands to find – Dooney & Bourke! They have so many varieties and styles. My favorite bag at the moment is one of their giraffe prints. It’s actually the one I am gonna take on our trip to CA with me. Right now I am in love with the whole patent leather look. So one of the bags that I would love to carry on my arm is in the Venus style. It is the Large East/West bag. D & B bags are most of the time right in the Christmas budge price range. This one is $248. I may just ask for this one this year. LOVE IT!

This will be on my arm soon!

10. And last but not least we have a bag that I do know is a duffle! However, that doesn’t matter to me. I would totally use it as a purse! It is the Extra Large Juliette for $345. This is a very very real possibility. I would love this bag forever and treat it like a baby with lots of love and gentleness. And YES notice the color. I’m serious about this red thing!

This is a YES!

So there you have it! My first Top Ten Tuesday entry. And I totally loved it. I tried posting the links with the pictures. I sure hope that worked because my head is now killing me and I would hate having to go back and redo all the linking. I’ll just cross my fingers on that one. But I know I’m getting the link right for the TTT site. Go check it out. I’m sure there are other entries by people who are NOT obsessed with handbags. You might find some good stuff. Better yet – just join us and add your own Top Ten entry!





3 thoughts on “In A Word….Handbags (for Top Ten Tuesday)

  1. Great post, I too love purses and shoes, and they always seem to b the ones out of budget. I got my first Coach purse in sept 2010 from my hubby for our 17yr anni, it a little black one, it’s great. I also love D&B so far I have a coin purse!!

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