My Body Parts

I usually wait for You Capture until Thursday morning for some strange reason. But I am excited about this week’s theme. So, I’m posting it tonight even though it is late. I will retweet it in the morning to spread the word about it. This was just a fun one to get the pictures for and to crop. So, enjoy my body parts.

I just love this picture. I was reading in the car waiting at school.

Oh and those are my legs sticking out the window above the book. It’s my favorite thing to do while waiting in the parking lot for the kids – stick my feet out the window and read.

This is actually my big toe after my pedicure this week.

And my scar on the outside of my right foot. Ain't it purty!?!?

I really love this picture for some reason.

You never get to see my eyes behind my glasses. I think that’s why I love this picture so much.

Just in case you needed a close up of my right eye.

An earlobe needing some diamonds.

This was a fun week!! Thanks Beth for the idea! I think all of my readers need to pop over You Capture and join the fun!



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