Finding The Perfect Happy Moment


This is my Finding The Happy entry this week. It doesn’t have so much to do with what is showing in this picture but more about what happened AFTER the picture was taken. This picture was taken on the Santa Monica Pier after dinner at Bubba Gumps. She and I were taking pictures of the sunset. However it’s important to realize that it was incredibly FREEZING OUT THERE!!!!!!! The wind was seriously blowing off of the Pacific and we were not dressed for cold. It was very nice when we went into the restaurant. We were shivering and laughing and talking…….I was trying to say I wondered if Bubba Gumps had sweatshirts in their gift shop. But with the shivering and the laughing at the shivering it came out like “I wonder if Bubba – SNORT……..hahahahahaaahahahahhahaa!” Yes I snorted while shivering and laughing and talking. It was hilarious. She and I were rolling and so were all the people around us – laughing at us. You know how it is when you start laughing and you can’t stop and it only gets worse. Yep that was us! People all around us were trying to enjoy the sunset but we were making it impossible because we were cackling so much that they all started cackling at us cackling. It was HILALRIOUS!!!  It was a perfect moment for Perfect Moment Monday and it made me super happy for Finding The Happy.

Did you have a time this week like mine? Visit those two links above and share yours. Maybe you didn’t snort and make a fool of yourself but not all of us are so talented….there’s always this week for you.


2 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Happy Moment

  1. Oh, I love those moments of uncontrollable laughter, especially when tears and snorting is involved.

    If a loved one is also involved, all the better. Thanks for this bright post, Pam. Such a happy one.

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