Sweet Little Lacy

Hello my name is Lacy!

Today’s Sweet Shot Tuesday entry is about my Uncle’s dog, Lacy. She is a Yorkshire Terrior and is spoiled and sweet all at the same time!

What's in there, Aunt Judi?

She likes to look for gum in women’s purses! See her trying to get her nose in mom’s purse?

I need some lipstick on too, Aunt Judi!

Are you gonna drop anything? I'll clean it up if you do!

I wanna help make pizzas too!

See how pretty I am!

This is my daddy - Pam's Uncle Gary!

She is just the sweetest thing!! She and Faith are both spoiled about the same! Isn’t that what a dog is for?

If you have some sweet shots to share for this week swing on by Darcy’s blog and share it for Sweet Shot Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Lacy

  1. Oh gracious, what a little cutie! I have a granddog or 5 she would have fun with! Not to mention the grandkids. 🙂 Thanks for a fun visit for Sweet Shot Tuesday!

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