Droid Death by Way of Target Parking Lot

If you know anything about me then you know that my cell phone is super glued to some part of my body at all times. I’ve found if I put it in my purse then I have to waste a whole 15 seconds at times digging around looking forward to it. And who has time for that! So, I normally just have it in my hand constantly. Sometimes I remember that I can put it in my pocket. But most of the time I don’t even think about that.

There are certain drawbacks to carrying your cell phone in your hand at all times. I have dropped it so many times. But I just look at all of those nips and dings as signs of love. It is well loved and constantly in use. I have a lot of nips and dings myself. So, we are a perfect match. It’s really quite touching if you think about it. It is an ever present companion…a match made in Heaven. My phone knows things about me that noone else knows. My entire life is on my cell phone. If I were to have to go a day without my phone I would be completely lost – am I coming or going? Am I waking up or going to sleep? Who are these people who live with me – which one is which and how do I communicate with them? What comes on TV today that I must watch? Where am I supposed to be today? And what time am I supposed to be there? How do I get from point A to point B?

Well, something very tragic happened Tuesday morning. I was getting out of my truck in the Target parking lot when suddenly the parking lot jumped up right in front of me and smacked itself into the screen on my cell phone which was safely tucked into the palm of my hand – along with the handle to my purse and my huge wad of keys. It just came right out of nowhere. You never expect tragedies like this to happen. Acts of God, such as this, happen in a split second. One second you are getting out of your car, closing the car door with the same hand that you are holding your cell phone, keys and purse and the next second the parking lot rises up and smacks right into the screen of your cell phone. I immediately flew into action and dove to rescue my cell phone. However, the damage was already done. After rescuing it from the depths of the evil parking lot THIS is what I saw:

Oh the agony I felt deep to the core of my being. I wandered aimlessly into the store trying to figure out what had happened to me and how to best treat my poor innocent cell phone. Bless it’s heart – in spite of it’s obvious injuries it still worked beautifully. In spite of the pain it had to have been experiencing it faithfully powered right up. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain it had ever felt it had to have been experiencing a 10 but it pushed through the pain and served me as it always does.

As soon as I could possibly get there I took it to the nearest Verizon store, which it located for me in spite of it’s tragic agony. Everyone in the store consoled me wonderfully and brought me much comfort. The kind phone-nurse gave me a phone number to call for the cell-phone-grief hotline. I now have the identical twin that works just a beautifully. A little reprogramming and it is almost back to the original state of it’s now deceased brother.

It was a tragic day for all involved. But we are pressing forward. I have a warning though to all cell phone carriers out there. Be careful in the Franklin TN Target parking lot. That asphalt can attack at any time. It is a painful experience.

Could we all have a moment of silence as we remember the faithful service of the now deceased Droid that served me so well…………………………….


8 thoughts on “Droid Death by Way of Target Parking Lot

  1. I dropped my droid on a monday no screen smash took it to verizon they replaced it got another phone on Wednesday and dropped it Thursday morning. GOOD TIMES

  2. found your post on SS by Mrs. 4444 – good story but I think you should see someone about your cellphone addiction. Too bad good pockets don’t come in any of today’s women fashion. Maybe boyfriend jeans? – I am left with a question or two – one did you have insurance on the phone because getting a replacement from e-bay is much cheaper than buying another one at the store. – two did you give the one to Verizon? People will actually buy broken phones on e-bay. I have taken a few apart for some parts that I use in making junk toys. see my blog page if interested

    • i did have insurance, thank goodness. and i sent the broken phone back today. didn’t even think about e-bay at all..thanks for stopping by.

  3. Such a cute post, Pam! Although I’m sorry to hear about your poor phone.

    You mentioned dropping it over. One thing that helps me 1. grip it better 2. protect my phone when it does fall is having a silicone case over it. Not that it would’ve helped in the aforementioned accident.

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