Welcome to the Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

WELCOME TO THE PARTY!!!!!!! Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 over at 5 Minutes For Mom. The Journey Leads Home is just one stop on the party tour. There are lots of stops to make on the tour. Click on the party banner above and you can find links to a number of other blogs participating over the next 8 days.

You will find lots of surprises during the party here. You will find PRIZES, party favors, party music, recipes for yummy party treats and maybe even a video or two. Come by each day to see what you will find – you just don’t know until you show up! There’s no need to dress up for this party. This is a blogging party so the best attire for blogging is your jammies. You may even be asked about your jammies one day to qualify to win a door PRIZE! You just don’t know till you get here. You may be asked to share your favorite party food or your favorite party game. We’ll make it a fun party every day!

Some of the door PRIZES you might win here during the party will be GAMES, BOOKS, JEWELRY, SURPRISES….You may be asked to do certain things to enter the contests. One day you may be asked to stand on your head or jump through a hoop of fire. But I promise the PRIZES will be worth the effort and the danger.

Now let’s start by getting acquainted! My name is Pam. You have arrived at a blog about the journey of my life with a traveling CEO husband, two teenage soccer “stars”, a spoiled dog and two cats who hate each other, a disease that has taken control of my body and my mind but not my spirit. I have Fibromyalgia and fight depression/anxiety. I’m a Christian soccer mom whose career is my family and our home. I am 43 years old. I’m originally from Ohio but spent 11 years in Florida after we got married. We now live in Nashville Tennessee. I enjoy reading, blogging, watching TV (especially reality TV), texting, pampering myself, laughing with my family, spoiling my dog, knitting, watching my kids play soccer, spending time with my friends, worshiping God and shopping. I am currently on Twitter and hope to be back on Facebook by the end of the summer.

Here we are

I look forward to partying with you in the days ahead! Sometime between now and Sunday night I will be giving away the first of many door PRIZES. I know you don’t wanna miss out on that! I think you will like it. Are you ready to stand on your head? How about jumping through a hoop of fire? It’ll be worth it, I promise!

Till next time – Happy Partying!!!


48 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party

  1. Hi! I follow you on Twitter but I’ve never seen your blog before. 🙂 (I totally forgot about all the prizes… is that weird? Never even mentioned them in my post!) Nice to meet you!!

  2. Good to meet you! I’m an Ohio girl- live in central Ohio now with my hubs and 3 little boys!! This is my first ultimate blog party!!! Looking forward to getting to know you!!

  3. Hello there! Stopping in from UBP! Your family is beautiful & it sounds like you’ve got your hands full with your pets (i giggled at the cats hating each other — its the same with my 2 cats).

    Following you on twitter from @AccustomedChaos

    You can find my party here

  4. Hi, Pam! So happy to see you at “your place!” 🙂 I scrolled down to leave a comment, and there was my little ol’ button on your sidebar – thank you so much! What a blessing!

    Your family is beautiful – and this week you’ll be glad you don’t live in Ohio… we still have snow in our backyard. 🙂

    Following you on twitter and looking forward to getting to know you!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! It’s great to meet you! I’m heading over to Twitter to follow you there!

  6. Just stopped by from the UBP. I am new to this blogging stuff. Only being doing it for a month. Come to think of it… I do believe today is my 1 month birthday. Happy Birthday to me! LOL Anyway, feel free to check out my blog too if you want. I love networking like this and reading so many new interesting blogs and meeting the lovely ladies who write them! (That would be you!)

  7. I’m one of your newest followers from UBP11. You have a very nice looking family. I was actually born in Ohio. What part are you from? I was from Dayton, Ohio but have family in all parts.

  8. Hi Pam! I came through the UBP11 party via Twitter. 🙂 I actually use it a lot more than Facebook these days… you may not want to go back to FB!

    Have a great day tomorrow. I love Nashville {we like to go to Pigeon Forge in the summer} what church do you go to there?

    Nice to meet you!

    Shasher’s Life

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog with the UBP! You have a beautiful family! May God continue to strengthen you with might in your inner man and breathe life into your spirit as you fight the good fight of faith.

    Also, don’t forget to enter an extra comment for each item you completed for the draw for the gift card prize on my blog!


  10. Just dropping in from the UBP11! Nice to “meet you.” Stop by my blog when you have a chance Making Our Family Complete. I blog about my family’s journey to adopt an infant domestically.

    P.S. We are giving away a Dunkin Donut GC as added incentive to visit 🙂

  11. Hi there!

    I’m visiting from the UBP11 and love everything you have to offer here! I look forward to reading more.

    I blog over at http://ahappygirl.com about my life with my miracle baby who is 1 of about 5 in the world. I write about how being a momma with a chronic disease can be rough, but despite my challenges how I practice gratitude and celebrate the impossible every day!

    Have a fabulous day!

  12. Hey there! Just stoppin’ by for the party! we LOVE your blog and are so excited to be your newest follower and {blog} friend. We’d love for you to come for a visit and be our newest follower and {blog} friend as well!
    much love
    mitchandroz.blogspot.com(family blog)

  13. Stopping by from UPB11. Great to meet you! There are so many fun blogs to visit! Your blog is great and I can’t wait to read more! I am a new follower. Visit my blog and enter for your chance to win the giveaway for Food Should Taste Good happening right now 🙂


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