The Sky and The Road Should Not Be the Same Color

Today’s Skywatch Friday picture isn’t as much about the actual sky as it is about the road and how the sky is the same color. Last weekend I was in Paintsville Kentucky (Eastern part of the state) visiting family because of my uncle’s death. Most of my family lives down this road. The entire time I was there the weather was cloudy, cold and dreary. And the sky looked like concrete. Notice in this picture that the road and the sky are very similar in color.

Campbell Brown Rd.

If you enjoy seeing sky pictures you will definitely want to jump over to the Skywatch Friday host site. Gorgeous (and dreary – like mine today) shots from all over the world.


3 thoughts on “The Sky and The Road Should Not Be the Same Color

  1. That sky looking like concrete, that’s poetic! Such a great idea to capture that in a photograph – it seems symbolic, somehow. Very thought-provoking.

  2. Thank you, I absolutely love sky and cloud photos so I’ll be joining this group. 🙂 As for it being the same color, I agree it should never be that color, especially on such a day. 😦 Already sad enough.

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