A Glimpse Into The Past

In trying to decide what to blog about today I started thinking through all the great blogs I have seen so far during the Ultimate Blog Party 2011. One thing that I’ve seen a lot of people do is list some of their past entries that allows their new readers to get more of a gist for who they are and what their blog is about. So I thought that is what I would do today.

My blog is fairly diverse. While I am a wife and a mom to two teenagers, I also suffer with depression and Fibromyalgia. So, you never quite know what you’re gonna get when you come here. One thing I do try to do is NOT blog when I am depressed because it just seems to come out all whiny and dark. I figure noone wants to read that. So, those days I just stay away from here. You’re welcome!

So, now, I will get to the heart of this entry and chose some posts to share with you. I only have 6 years worth of entries to look through. I probably should make some tea before starting but I’ll just dive in. I just went back and read my first blog entry EVER! It was on August 8, 2005. Geez Louise!! I’ve been doing this a long time. Back then it was all about homeschooling. That seems like a lifetime ago.

Spoons are the most Important Utensil In The Drawer was an entry about my battle with Fibromyalgia and the Fatigue that goes along with it. If you also deal with a Chronic Illness I encourage you to check this entry out. It contains some great information about how to deal with the fatigue and pain as well as how to explain your battle to those you love. You will find a link in the entry to a wonderful website that is a terrific source of resources to help you. It is also where you will find the original Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino.

Am I a Friend Who Is Really A Friend? Are You? is an entry that I wrote while evaluating what true friendship is. Every now and then I will jump on the NaBloPoMo band wagon when a theme jumps out at me. The theme for January was Friends. Never did I ever expect that theme to lead to my evaluating friendships that I have had for long periods of time and finding out that perhaps not all of them were TRUE friendships. Writing those entries opened my eyes and allowed me to see that some of my “friendships” were merely surface relationships and some were very one sided. That was a painful lesson to learn. The entire month of January is full of entries describing that learning process. I have since made some decisions and cut some ties and have found myself to be much happier.

My Depression Story is an explanation of my journey to discovering my battle with depression for what it is. Depression is a battle that I don’t wish on anyone. Nevertheless, many of us have been given this path to walk in our lives. It’s a battle that I continue to fight daily. If you also walk this path, look around and you will find many others on the path with you. You and I are not alone. It is a very common burden to bear. None of us have to bear it alone. If you deal with it like I do I hope that you will become a regular reader here because we can support one another.

2009 was the worst year for our family. My father was diagnosed with cancer in the Spring of that year. I have written a series about his cancer journey and how it affected all of us. Here are the links in order: My Dad, My HeroMy Dad, My Hero Part 2My Dad, My Hero Part 3My Dad, My Hero Part 4 FinaleMy Dad, My Hero – A New Beginning Again

To wrap it up here is a link to another entry about a big part of my life, My Fibro Story. I’ve fought it for 17 years. Some days I feel like I finally have a handle on it and then other days I feel like I did in the beginning – confused and lost. My hope in writing/sharing my Fibromyalgia battle is always to help someone else who might be in the same situation as me. I have written a LOT about Fibromyalgia. My prayer is that you will take the time to do a search and hopefully find something that will help you. There is a search feature for my blog in the left sidebar. If you type in the word Fibromyalgia I think you will have plenty to keep you busy for a good long while.

I noticed in sharing this handful of posts that there is very little about my family. I don’t want to overwhelm you though. I will share another post another day that will guide you to each of my family members. They are all magnificent blessings in my life. There just isn’t enough time to lead you to entries describing each one along with these others.

All of us have been created with many facets to our lives. None of us fit a perfect mold of what a human being is. If you were to sit down and look through your posts I think you would find the same is true for you. We are all like puzzles. Each piece is a different shape but when all put together in just the right way we create a beautiful picture. I think the Puzzle of Pam is still a work in progress. And I’ve learned that my edges are not all smooth and straight. I’m a little rough around the edges. That’s what makes us all unique. Who are you? What is your puzzle going to look like when you are finished with it? Take a glimpse at your blogging history and see how far you’ve come in putting the puzzle together.

(Don’t forget to come by each day and enter to win my different door prizes for the Ultimate Blog Party. The entry right before this one is a door prize giveaway for a beautiful Premier Designs bracelet. Don’t miss out on it!)



4 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into The Past

  1. Wow, you’ve definitely got some stories to share. I’ve had some dark moments but like you I try not to blog them, I won’t say I never do because there are times when my blog friends are what gets me through moments. I also have no fear of my blog friends, maybe because they’ve never physically met me. If you stopped by mine you’d see I am diverse. One day I can talk about college classes and the frustrations of doing it online with four at home, others you may read about my weight loss or what the kids are up to these days. I say multiple topics are the best. 😉 Have a great day. 😉 Loving your blog.

    • I’m looking forward to jumping over to your blog now and visiting! I’m so glad you stopped by my party. thx for reading!

      See you at your place next!

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