It’s Time For Another Door Prize

Welcome to another party day! Isn’t party hopping fun?! I know when I used to sell Tupperware and then later when I sold Premier Designs the free gifts I would give out would be the best part. People love to get goodies for free. And as I promised on the first day of the Ultimate Blog Party I was going to give away a door prize every single day. I think today’s prize is a terrific choice for a Sunday. Just by way of information, you can enter every single day to win. So I suppose it is possible for the same person to win every single prize. So, if you entered a previous contest for a door prize you can enter today’s again as well…and tomorrow’s and the day after that…and so on.

Ok – on with today’s prize! Here it is:

This is a lovely decorative item with the verse Joshua 24:15 that says “As for me and my house we’ll serve the Lord”. I took a picture of the stand in the back so you could see that it can stand like a regular picture from. You can also hang it on the wall in a display.

The drawing for this door prize will be at 9:00 CST Sunday evening, April 3rd. Here are the requirements:

*Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already. Leave a comment saying that you have done so or that you already do follow me.

*Tweet/Facebook this giveaway. Leave me a comment what you have tweeted/Facebooked.

*Visit my 365Project site. Follow me there if you have a 365Project page. Leave me a comment here with the link to your project page so I can follow you as well.

*Sign up for updates from this blog in the subscription box to the left. If you are already following then leave me a comment stating that you are.

That gives you 4 entries in the giveaway. I wish you luck! Keep in mind that because I am hosting a giveaway every day of the Ultimate Blog Party I will be mailing all winners their prizes on one day, April 11th. That way I only have to make one trip to the post office.

Watch here after 9:00 CST Sunday night to find out the winner.


16 thoughts on “It’s Time For Another Door Prize

  1. I visited your 365 project and what an adorable baby sleeping!!! Is it a girl or boy and what kind is it. We have three pups running around here….well not pups but they are our babies!

  2. Ok, I follow you on Twitter ( big ole duh), I’m a subscriber (duh..again) and I tweeted this giveaway before I looked at it. I think I have it all covered except for the 365 page. Whomever gets this, is lucky. I love it!

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