Sunday In My city

Next Sunday is my birthday. I don’t mind telling you that I will be 44. I have enjoyed my 40s a LOT!! And I am proud to say I am going to be 44 in one week. The birthday fairy (my husband) came yesterday though. I have wanted a table/chair/umbrella patio set since before our house was even finished being built 5 years ago. I bought something special for my future patio table before the house even had walls. This year I asked for a set for my birthday. And THIS is what I got!

The umbrella is still in the garage. Ron and Michael finished putting the set together WAY after dark last night. And it has been SUPER windy today so there really isn’t any need to put the umbrella on it yet. So, it’s not completely put together yet. But I love it! The next thing on my wish list is an outdoor fire pit. Then we can turn the chairs around and enjoy a fire.

After driving all over creation looking for a prom dress today (which we did NOT find) I came back and this was my view for a couple of hours:

I sat at my table outside in the fresh air and sunshine and read my book. That was my Sunday in my City! It was wonderful.

Now you can take a tour around the world over on Mami’s blog and see what Sunday was like in other cities. Speaking of which, what was Sunday like in your city? Tell us and join the tour Sundays in My City.


12 thoughts on “Sunday In My city

  1. what a sweet hubby! i love the set, it looks great.
    i enjoyed my 40’s immensely!
    have you tried david’s bridal for prom dresses?
    love ya!

    • David’s Bridal is next on our list. We have a couple of bridal shops we are going to look at next. At this point we are planning to go again tomorrow night because Michael doesn’t have a soccer game. But it’s rainy today so the game may get canceled and we can go tonight. We shall see!

    • I wasn’t expecting it a week early. I called him about 5ish and asked where he was. He said he was picking up my birthday present. So I knew it was coming.

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