A Perfect Swim With The Fishes

Friday I went to Red Lobster for lunch and “swam with the fishes” and lived to tell the story! That was pretty near perfect but it wasn’t the perfect moment I’m writing about today for the Perfect Moment Monday linky. The perfect moment was who I went with. I went with my bestie, Jeanie! We have been trying to get together for weeks. But between each of us traveling the world and me feeling well enough to get out we couldn’t get a good time for it. We planned for Thursday but, of course, my fibro body said NO quite emphatically. So, we rescheduled it for Friday. We got there at 11 and we talked and talked and talked. Then we ate and ate and ate. Then we talked and ate and talked and ate. I think it is just what each of us needed. We talked about family, friends, good times, bad times, advice on the good times and advice on the bad times. You know, all the things that besties talk about when they get together.

We ordered the Lobster and Crab Dip (I think that’s what it’s called) for an appetizer. I would have seriously picked the dish up and licked it clean if I didn’t think everyone would be looking at me. I probably looked gross cramming it in my mouth so fast. It was super yummy. I think Jeanie even got to eat a little bit. Then I got the fried shrimp as my entree. So delish! She got the fried shrimp too. We pretty much rolled out of there talking and laughing. It was two hours of perfection! We are planning another lunch and maybe some shopping/movie to go along with it soon. And our families are having dinner Friday night. I love her! She makes me smile!

Me and my bestie, Jeanie

Have you had a Perfect Moment in the last week? Jump over to Lori’s blog and share it with the rest of us who are sharing our Perfect Moment Monday moments. We’d love to have you. I think you might be able to identify with some of them.



7 thoughts on “A Perfect Swim With The Fishes

  1. I love how many of these Perfect Moment Monday moments are about time with friends. Hanging out, eating treats, laughin’ and scratchin’.

    That’s a great lesson to me… Take time for friends.

  2. I am visiting from Luz’s PMM…sorry it took me a couple of days to visit. I’ve been SO busy!!!

    Wow! Lunch with your bestie sounds absolutely fantastic. I have a friend just like that. I think being together could be considered therapy.

    Now I’m just looking for a health insurance company that will pick up the tab and count it as “preventative medicine.” 🙂

    Glad you had such a great time and thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment!

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