Happiness At LP Field

I had many happy moments to share this week. But I try to share my Finding The Happy moments with my kids. This past Tuesday night we all attended this huge soccer game at LP Field – the local stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. As soon as I heard about it I knew that we HAD to go. I mean we are a HUGE soccer family. It was a no brainer. We had really good seats. The tickets were inexpensive. The men’s national team that played in the World Cup last year was playing Paraguay. We got to see all the players we had cheered on all through the World Cup. It was so excellent! THAT is where I get this week’s Finding The Happy picture!

This is just part of the group. The kids’ school teams went together – the guys team and the girls team. It was AWESOME!!! It made me happy to be right in the middle of all of them. I love these kids and am proud of each of them. I try to be the kind of Soccer Mom that they can come to for encouragement and advice if they need it. And they do that!

I’m sure you can Find The Happy from the last week that you have saved on your cell phone or in your camera. Why not go over to Mr and Mrs Wright’s blog and leave a comment sharing it? See you there!


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