Weather Damage A Little TOO Close To Home – And Some AT Home

This is what I found on my way home from my doctor’s appointment. Scary stuff!

This is the first thing I found on my drive home

This was the next thing. Had to turn around - obviously. But apparently my neighbor's car is in a ditch close by. She was driving thru when the tree fell. She is ok. Her car is not.

After turning around and coming home the back way. This was in a yard across from the entrance to my neighborhood.

This is about 5 houses up from us on our street. Pretty sure they did not deliberately put a trampoline in their driveway. I believe this actually belongs to the neighbors behind them.

One of my patio chairs in our front yard.

This is not how I left our patio when I left for the doctor.

Poor caboose! I did look inside and did not see any eggs. Some of the back is busted but we will get it back up for them soon.

More patio redecoration


4 thoughts on “Weather Damage A Little TOO Close To Home – And Some AT Home

  1. Is your new patio furniture ok? Very scary. Glad YOU are ok. I knew you were out and was afraid you didn’t know what you might be driving into. Do you all have power? It’s like almost 59,000 people without it.

  2. Pam, thankful you are OK. Nashville has had more than their fair share of weather problems in the last year. Hopeful things level off soon for you guys!

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