A Double Door Prize Up For Grabs Today

Today’s Ultimate Blog Party Door Prize is a twin pack of devotional books. In The Garden With God and Sunset With God. A daily quiet time with the Lord is so very important in our Christian lives. We need to talk to Him by prayer every day. And we need to listen to Him every day as well. One of the ways that He speaks to us is through the reading of His word. But another way we can hear from him is through the reading of other books such as devotional books – such as these two. He blesses some people with the gift of writing in such a way that their words reach out and touch us in such a real way that it’s almost as if we believe the words were written specifically for us. I don’t know if you have ever read a book and a particular part just jumped right off the page and nearly smacked you in the face. You may have even felt as if that particular section was written JUST for you. This happens to me a lot. Those are ways the Lord speaks to us.

Just thinking about the Lord “speaking” to us may seem foreign to some of you because when we think of someone speaking to us our mind immediately goes to an audible word spoken from one person to another. However, God doesn’t have to work like that. He can choose so many other means to get a message to us. Devotional books are one of those ways. I have books on my shelves that the Lord has used to answer questions, given me advice, brought me a blessing or even answered a prayer. You just never know where a message of the Lord is going to come from.

Each of these books are full of easy to read and short words from God. They may just hold the answer to some of your questions, problems or prayers. I wish I had a set to give to everyone. However, I only have this one set.

Today’s requirements to qualify will be a little different than those of the past few days. Remember, each comment you leave is another chance to win.

*Leave me a comment telling me when the Lord has “spoken” to you about something.

*Leave me a comment telling me about a time the Lord has used a certain BOOK to “speak” to you other than the Bible.

*Leave me a comment telling me about the author that God has most used to bless you in some way.

*Leave me a comment telling me where I can find you on the internet – Twitter, Blog, 365Project, Facebook – wherever.

*Retweet or Facebook this giveaway – leaving me a comment telling me you have done so with a link to where I can see it. (worth 3 entries)

If you do ALL of those then you will have 7 (SEVEN) chances to win!!!!!

In turn I will pray for each person who leaves a comment today. I will pray that the Lord will reveal himself to you and speak to your spirit in some way today. I trust that the Lord will place these books into the right hands of the one who needs them most.

The contest will run until 9:00 p.m. CST tonight. Any prizes won this week will be mailed next Monday April 11th so I only have to make one trip to the post office.

Happy Tuesday!!


6 thoughts on “A Double Door Prize Up For Grabs Today

  1. God told me to not let my 3 y/o go on a trip with his aunt. i cancelled the morning of the trip. an hour after his aunt left, he got very, very sick.

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