Final Door Prize…Feminine Appeal

It’s hard to believe that today is the end of the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. Where has the week gone? WOW! But what a fun week it has been. I had plans for the week that never panned out because I ether felt too bad or just ran out of time. Let’s go with the second one. Today is the final giveaway for the party week as well.

Today’s door prize gift is a book title Feminine Appeal – Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney. It is also signed by the author. The chapters are about Loving your husband and your children, Self-Control, Purity, Working at Home, Kindness and Submission – all topics written according to Titus 2.

As a Christian wife and mother, following the Bible directives on how to accomplish my roles according to His instructions. This is an easy read with just 138 pages. It would be a terrific guide for a women’s Bible study.

Today’s entry requirements are:

*Leave a comment telling me the best book you have read (other than the Bible).

*Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite new blog you have discovered via the Ultimate Blop Party 2011 if you have participated.

*Tweet/FB this giveaway then come leave me a comment telling me you have done so.

I have truly enjoyed hosting these giveaways this week. It has been fun to offer you a prize. My plan is to eventually visit each of your blogs so you don’t feel like you have left comments in nothing-ville. I feel that way a lot. I have refrained from comments during these giveaway entries because it would mess with the comment counts. As with the other giveaways this week. This one will end at 9:00 CST.

I will be working on getting these packages ready to send on Monday. Again, thanks for visiting and playing along. I enjoyed celebrating with you.


5 thoughts on “Final Door Prize…Feminine Appeal

  1. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite book beside the Bible. I love so many.
    The Lord of the Rings would be really high on my list though.

    One of my favorite books about Christian Living would be Home Improvement by Dale Shockley.

  2. My fav book lately has been either Crazy Love or Radical both of those were excellent!


    The best new blog I’ve found (other than yours of course) is Mama And The Dudes, I just loved the name, I think it has to do with my daughter telling me all the time… Im not a dude! But it really was a good blog.

    • ladies i will post the winner in the morning. i am in bed and ready to sleep. however the giveaway ends with u 4. I apologize. It’s been one of those days.

      Good night for now.

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