The Final Winner is……

Yesterday was the end of the Ultimate Blog Party 2011. Therefore my final door prize drawing has been done and the winner is:

Lucinda from Lucinda’s Corner, that means YOU!!!!  If you are on twitter, please follow me (MyKidsSccrMom) and leave me your snail mail address in a DM. If you do not have a twitter account please send me an email at SoccerMomtoMandL @ comcast (dot) com.

Congratulations! I pray that the book will be a blessing to you. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will return for further visits. I will be checking out your blog and plan to follow you there.


2 thoughts on “The Final Winner is……

  1. I’m thrilled that I won.
    I’m having problems sending you my address though.
    Twitter won’t let me send a direct message because you’re not following me and both of the emails I tried to send came back undeliverable.

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