What I Learned From the Ultimate Blog Party Last Week

Well, the party is over and it’s back to life as normal. I’m really ok with that actually. I will spend tomorrow afternoon getting my packages together and hit the snail mail house on Monday. I really enjoyed doing a giveaway each day for the party. But I must admit that I am glad it is time to get back to regular writing. I have missed sharing my thoughts and ideas here. I’ve missed writing about the things close to my heart. My heart is sometimes just bursting forth with things to share. While I know that the Ultimate Blog Party was not supposed to consume your blog the entire period of time I kind of wanted it to. I had more ideas for it and I learned a whole lot of good stuff. Here are just a few things I’ve learned and how I’m gonna put what I learned into practice.

I came across a lot of really awesome blogs during the party. My plan for weeks ahead is to feature some of them here to direct you to some new sites to read as well as to help my fellow partiers gain new readers. What fun is a party if you don’t spread the word about all the fun you had? So, if you found MY blog as a result of the UBP then chances are I’m gonna guide you to some other great friends I made while party hopping. I think if all of us partiers did that then the party could go on and the friendship circles can expand – which is really the point of the UBP in the first place. I will tell each of my new friends whose blogs I will feature that theirs is going to be featured so they can be ready for the new followers and visitors. I’m really excited to do this. I will probably just share one new one a week so I can get back on my regular writing schedule.

Another thing I’m planning on doing as a result of the party is to begin finding out how to start making some money from my blog. I noticed along the party circuit that a number of you are making money from blogging. I have also grown to love creating blog buttons and I noticed quite a few of you don’t have one. So, I’m gonna work on improving my button creations. The greatest way to get return readers is to have a button someone can swipe and place on their blog. That helps your traffic to grow. If any of you have tips for me on these endeavors I would so appreciate them. It’s all new to me but it is a great way for me to help add to the family budget while doing something I love – blogging!

And my party hopping led me to some great new weekly blog hops. I’m gonna shake things up in my left sidebar over there and add/subtract some hops and weekly projects that I have been participating in. If you don’t participate in any blog hops you should really think about doing so. They help get you writing on a more consistent basis and they help you make new friends and find new blogs. I love taking pictures with my cell phone so a lot of the hops I take part in during the week are photo hops. Those are fun. We all have the cutest kids in the world and the most gorgeous husbands God ever created. Who wouldn’t wanna show them off?

These are the things I learned from the Ultimate Blog Party circuit last week. What did you learn? I wanna hear about it. You might give me even more ideas. We can all teach each other something. Contrary to popular belief I don’t actually know everything and I wanna learn more. Of course I would never admit that out loud to my family because I totally have them all hoodwinked. They are all sure I know it all. So, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t give my little secret away…….


2 thoughts on “What I Learned From the Ultimate Blog Party Last Week

  1. I learned a lot from ubp last year but this year it was more about making connections. I had 24 new bloggers leave comments under my party post, so that’s 24 souls that I have a chance to connect to. Who knows how many stopped by but didn’t comment! I even received some great ideas for posts from visitors who loved the writing in some of my posts and asked me to elaborate on them. That gives me lots to do and lots to visit in the coming weeks.

    • I love things like that. I got a ton of great comments thru the week as well. I’m gonna have plenty blogs to feature in the months ahead! Yours included. YAY!

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