The Problem of Depression Part 1

The Problem of Depression:

Part 1

By: Mike Stokes

No one is immune to depression; it can be deep and complex, and last for days, months, or years. I will examine the medical records of three of God’s men who suffered bouts of depression and discouragement. Though each suffered the same kind of depression, each man’s struggle was different: Moses, had an inferiority complex; Elijah, had a martyr’s complex; Jonah, had a superiority complex. We will examine each man’s medical file, especially their; physical, emotional, and spiritual condition; to discover the reason for their depression, and what God prescribed for their treatment–I have a suspicion it is more than TLC ASAP.

(1) Moses (Numbers 11:1-15)

God had mightily used Moses in leading the people out of Egypt: The experience at the Red Sea, the desert, the miracles and manna. Yet, they grumbled and complained about everything. Moses overheard this (v10), the text says he was “Displeased,” literally he was depressed. In (v15) he ask God to kill him. Why was he so depressed?

Physically (v16-17)

He is exhausted and overworked. Although he was highly educated (Acts 7:22), at the university of Egypt, receiving his advanced degree in the desert, but he had never learned how to delegate the workload (Exodus 18:13-23).

Emotionally (v15)

He regarded the situation with the people as a personal failure; he had been diligent in his work and still, the people complained. This suggest a low view of self worth, he had an inferiority complex.

Spiritually (v11)

Can you hear the implications in these words? He felt a distance from God.

The prescription God writes for this patient is found in (v16-25); Basically, the instructions are to spread the workload–slow down. At times, a depressed person has feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, that is reflected in Moses’ attitude and behavior. Next time, we will examine the files of two more of God’s men, and discover why they were depressed, and what God prescribes for the treatment of-The Problem of Depression.


Disclaimer: The men mentioned in this particular series of articles are battling depression due to environmental and/or spiritual struggles. While this is the case for some people in other people depression is a clinical problem that needs to be treated by a medical professional. That is a completely different category of depression.


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