Fibro Paradise

You start noticing your typical pain is becoming a little stronger. Where you usually are used to having a headache and may not even notice it a lot of the time right now you are noticing it is getting worse. About 15 minutes later you start feeling more pain in your neck and upper back. Not too long after that you notice your low back and hips are joining in the “fun”. Very soon after that your legs and arms make themselves known. What is going on you wonder. You wonder what you are doing to cause your whole body to feel like it’s one giant bruise. So you kick back on the couch to rest and turn on the TV and this is what you see:

This explains a lot!

Now it is all perfectly clear. A storm front is moving in. If you had stopped to think about it you could have to your friends and family long before the weatherman ever did.  The rain may be the friend to our farmers and to our lawn and beautiful flower beds but it is no friend to the person with Fibromyalgia.

If you have done any research into Fibromyalgia at all then you know that rain is not just rain, it is pain falling from the sky. When a weather front moves in the barometric pressure changes. When it goes down the pain goes up. Barometric pressure brings with it moisture (rain, sleet, snow), wind, humidity, extreme cold, extreme hot. If you stop and think about it you can probably connect your Fibro Flares directly to the weather. If you kept a record for one month of you pain levels each day you would find that you changes in pain levels will directly correlate with the weather changes.

Generally I can tell when a system is at a certain location in relation to where I live. And I can also tell you when it is a certain distance away from where I live. Michael once asked me “Mommy if you were closed up in a room with no windows and no TV could you tell what the weather is outside?” Of course I said YES!!

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know if you have Fibro. If you do NOT have Fibro though and are reading this entry I hope it will help you to understand what your loved one WITH Fibro is going through. Please take this little tidbit and use it to better support them. That’s what I’m here for, to bring awareness to Fibro so that we can all support one another.

The solution for me is to move to a place were it is 75* all the time, never rains and has low humidity. We should build a Fibro village there. We could call it Fibro Paradise. I’m going to pack right now…..



8 thoughts on “Fibro Paradise

  1. Fibro Paradise would be a lovely place!

    By the way, I’m on a search for a website that shows the barometric/atmospheric pressure by week/month. The most I’ve been able to find is 3 days worth on NOAA. Anybody know where I can find this info?

  2. I was just talking about a place just for fibro sufferers last week. Only I was thinking some sort of domed place with climate control…

  3. I always say I’m a bit backwards to how many react to the weather. I tend to prefer the coolor, cloudy rainy days versus the warmth of the summer. Sadly it doens’t seem that there is much relief with any weather with my fibro.

  4. Have you tried It sits on your desktop and you can see the weather conditions locally – although not sure about pressure, etc.

    • I would like to find a chart to document the barometric pressure and my pain level just to try it out. If you or Felicia find one please let me know!

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