The Greatest Top Ten

My Top Ten Tuesday entry today is a little late today. I’ve been sleeping a lot today. This sleeping all day thing is killing me. I feel like a baby who has her days and nights mixed up. But I’ve known all day what I wanted to share for TTT. I just needed some energy to work on it. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to share some of the great new blogs I discovered during the Ultimate Blog Party last week. So, I’m gonna share a little bit about the blog owner and her blog. But I can guarantee you that if they make it into this list and to my blog sidebar then they are good. And there will be even more that I haven’t even gotten to yet. So more to come!

1. Mending Hope – This is Hope’s blog where she shares her heart along with support and encouragement for those seeking hope for their wounded spirit.

2. Momma Kristi – Her blog is full of things that she learns and shares from her Bible studies. And she is participating in a wonderful hop of praying for her boys for 21 days TEN TIMES A DAY! What a challenge and what a blessing.

3. Vanderbilt Wife – Jessie is a fellow TN blogger who used to live in my beautiful city. Let me tell you if you want some good recipes then Jessie’s blog is the one to hit up. Yummmmmm

4. I’m A Lazy Mom – This is Stacey’s blog and I have to say she is hilarious!! I have my funny moments but I’m gonna be visiting her for inspiration from now on. If you need a laugh then you need to meet the Lazy Mom and their Lazy fam.

5. Twenty 6 – This blog is written by two friends who don’t even live near each other. That alone draws me to it. And they have an awesome etsy shop with adorable goodies.

6. Sweet Jeanette – For some reason I was super drawn to foodie blogs during the party last week. Jeanette has a yummy blog too. Recipes and pictures to make me drool. But she adds some stories in with her recipes. Now that is a fun read!

7. Life of a Home Mom – Elizabeth’s blog is full of everything – contests, weight loss, kids – in general – LIFE! What you probably deal with in your home every day.

8. The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life – Rachel’s blog is about family togetherness and outreach. If you wanna do things that bring your family closer to one another her blog will give you ideas on how to do that.

9. The Journey – Stephanie has a wonderful blog. She is a mother who battles MS with one child with Asperger’s. Yet the sweet grace of her entries are a blessing.

10. Oh Amanda – And of course the host of Top Ten Tuesday was a sweet surprise. She’s a reader, she loves reality TV and she has a MAC! Oh my word – SHE IS ME!!!!!

There you have them! My Top Ten list for this week. Checking out those blogs should keep you busy till next week’s list. And of course jumping over to Amanda’s blog and read the other links for Top Ten Tuesday.

Get hoppin’!!!!




8 thoughts on “The Greatest Top Ten

  1. How sooo very sweet you are! *blush*

    I often wonder if what I’m trying to get across- actually gets across… I guess it is 🙂

    Thanks for the love! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

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