She Makes Me Proud

I’m not sure this perfect moment should make me smile or cry. Maybe I will do both in a very dramatic way. But anyway the prom plans are coming together slower around here. Lauren got her finished dress this weekend and some shoes to match. She just takes my breath away. She is very excited. I have enjoyed helping her. We are now discussing what to do with her hair. I’m taking her to tan. Her tan is coming right along. The whole season is my perfect moment for this Monday. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Just looking at her makes for the perfect moment in my mind. I’m not completely sure how we got so quickly from 1995 to prom. But I’m proud of her. My children ARE the perfect moments of my life. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir though. Every parent feels that way about their children. As well you should.

Lauren made me very proud in another way on Friday. She was late meeting Michael at the car after school. I tried to call her but the call rolled straight to voice mail. I was prepared to give her a talking to when she got home. But when she got home she said that she and her friends saw a fight that was including an autistic boy in their school. A bigger boy had him down on the ground. She and her friends went over to break it up and she asked the boy if he was ok and asked when his mom was coming to get him. They discovered the older boy was his brother and was trying to keep him from wandering off. The older brother said that he didn’t know where his mom was. So, Lauren let him use her phone to call his mom. I was so proud of her and her friends. I assured her that she had truly been Jesus to someone that day. She didn’t know what was going on. She just knew that the autistic boy was being held down by boy bigger than himself and she went into action.

Yep – Perfect Moment!!! And if you have one to share come by Lori’s blog and share it for Perfect Moment Monday.


6 thoughts on “She Makes Me Proud

  1. Here from Lori’s PMM post…

    There seems to be a theme with a number of the PMM posts this week, going along with Lori’s about reaching and appreciating the Promised Lands in our lives. I am glad that you are enjoying helping your beautiful daughter get ready for her Prom, as well as sharing your pride in how she helped that boy who was being bullied. Good for her and good for you!

    I hope that you have a wonderful week and experience many more perfect moments.

  2. She looks beautiful in her dress. Love the proud momma moment. My son is two and I hope that he will be like your daughter and help out others who need him.

    Stopping by LATE from #CommentHour

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