Mom, Stop Taking Pictures!

Today is Semi-Wordless Wednesday. I know I share a lot of pictures of my kids and my animals. Thanks for letting me do that by the way. OH wait…this is MY blog and I’m allowed to share what I want, right? YAY ME!!

Lately I’ve been talking alot about Lauren with prom coming up. So today I thought I would share a couple pictures of Michael from his soccer game last night. In the second half of the game he was on my side of the field so I had a terrific view of him. I took advantage of it.

In action! Ready for the ball to drop. (He's #7)

"Mom stop taking pictures!"

The second one cracked me up! I didn’t have my phone on silent so every time I took a picture it kind of echoed. I took about 20 of them and finally he turned around and told me to stop. When the team captain tells you to do something you do NOT have to do it if you are said captain’s mother. So, I kept snappin’.

And of course one of Lauren before the game started. She’s the guys team manager and she warms up with them and helps them get ready for practices and games.

"Take my picture cause I look cute!"

They are my heart!


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