So Sad Because of S.A.D

Nashville has had too many gray sky days this month. It just kills my mental state. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and find the endless gray days of winter and spring especially difficult to get through. My depression is always lying right under the surface ready to pop through at any opportunity. The gray days of Middle Tennessee offer it plenty of opportunities. I long for the sunny days of May through September. My emotions are a roller coaster at best most days. But when the sky is gray I feel like I’m struggling just to SEE the surface of the earth above me from the hole I find myself in. Today is yet another gray gloomy day in Nashville. I don’t understand S.A.D but I certainly know how it feels.

When I’m wallowing in the pool of grayness I find that the pictures I have taken in the past of beautiful sunny days and the blue skies that go along with them do seem to lift my spirits to a degree. I love to share those pictures with others because I don’t know who else needs the reminder that there are still days like that. The darkness of the gray days kind of seep into your being – some grayness into each pore until eventually you can FEEL the grayness. What you SEE seems to be covered in gray? What you TOUCH seems to feel gray? Sometimes even what you TASTE doesn’t have the same flavor. Your mind is foggy with gray and it feels like you have to think through the gray.

So, as you can probably guess, today is yet another gray day in Nashville. I long for the sun. I long for the Vitamin D to chase all the gray away. Until then I will attempt to occupy my mind with something to break the S.A.D cycle. Some days that may take more energy than I have. But I must try. Will you try with me? A prayer perhaps? Share your experience so I feel less alone? I hear happy birds singing outside. It would appear that God is already trying to lift my spirit through the sweet singing of His most delicate of creation. Maybe I will go out and listen to the little one sing. Maybe a bit of his song will find it’s way into my heart too. Until there, I will share this beautiful sunset picture from our last cruise in November. It will help me (and hopefully you too) remember sunnier days of the past till the sun returns for another visit.

I think I will also hop over to the Skywatch Friday site and see if the sun is shining somewhere around the world even if it isn’t shining here in Nashville. Join me?


6 thoughts on “So Sad Because of S.A.D

  1. Hey Pam ~ yes I am the Karen Foster who attended Cofers Chapel ~ small world!! Can’t wait to check around your blog some more when I get a chance.

    Last month SAD affected me BIG time! Thanks for the great post.

    Have a GREAT Easter weekend!!

    • I haven’t tried that. My meds pretty much keep it all under control. Just every now and then it overwhelms the meds. Have you tried it before?

      • Not really, but I do have full spectrum lights mixed in with regular lights in the bathroom. I chose to put them there because it is a place where I spend time right under the lights, on a daily basis.

  2. Yes, the sun is shining in my part of the world, so I send some, with blessings, your way!


    I wonder why
    Some love the sky
    But not the wind and rain.

    I wonder, friend,
    If sky will end—
    It’s too much for my brain!

    © by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tree Folk & Sky

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