Easter Sunday Sky In My City

While I was outside this morning setting my flowers/plants off the porch so they could get some rain today this is the sky I saw. Kinda creepy!

I think it's gonna rain a little

It is Easter Sunday and I think maybe Satan is a little mad that Jesus is Risen!!!!! HA!

So this is Sunday in my City of Nashville today. I am hoping to get some more pictures today. We are going for Easter dinner at some friends’ house. Looking forward to that! Expecting a big crowd at The Donelson Fellowship today. Hoping you are planning to make it to celebrate the Resurrection Day of Christ at church as well.

What is it like in your city today? Jump over to Mami’s blog and share!


8 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Sky In My City

  1. My parents lived in Nashville for 14 years between 1987 and 2001. We visited almost every year and became very familiar with the area. They had a boat, and we enjoyed going to Percy Priest Lake. Their home was actually in the Old Hickory area.

  2. Hi Pam! I’m back to comment on your comment about my cranberry tour.

    During harvest is perhaps the most fun time to visit the cranberry marsh – – – that’s when the red berries are floating on top and all corralled into one corner of the bog to be scooped up.

    In the summer, growing season, the bogs are green and you can’t see the cranberries at all.

    After harvest, when cold begins to set in is when the plants take on that maroon hue, which even though I grew up here I never NOTICED until this winter. Maybe because when I saw them in the winter they were snow covered.

    Thanks for finding me and commenting today.

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