Captured Outside From Here To There

This week’s theme for You Capture is OUTSIDE. This is probably one of my favorite themes because I love to take pictures outside. The problem lies in which of the 2000 pictures on my phone to post. I will try to refrain from posting them all. I must admit that I am proud to have taken all of these pictures with my cell phone! Even the one of the lighthouse.

A view of Malibu California from Pacific Coast Highway

Outside on the putting green (Michael)

Outside enjoying the flowers

Many years ago in my Mamaw's backyard with some of her many flowers

Outside at the park last Fall (Lauren)

The Nassau LIghthouse with Atlantis in the background - Nassau Bahamas

Mural on the side of a building in Nassau Bahamas

Outside in the hammock enjoying a spring day with my honey

I’m excited to go to Beth’s blog and visit the other OUTSIDE pictures linked up for You Capture.


8 thoughts on “Captured Outside From Here To There

  1. Your pictures are all so good. Do you know what I loved about them? I love that you really got to know your family and felt so much love! OUTSTANDING! : ) My favorites are the one of your Mom and her garden and the one of you in the hammock. Sweet! Happy Spring!

  2. Returning the visit from #commenthour, and I really love what I see 🙂 This is a great collection of photos, especially from a cell phone! Isn’t it amazing what they can do?

    • Thank you so much for the returning the visit. That is so sweet! IT’s so hard to really look around during comment hour. That’s my plan today – to use the list on SITS and go back and spend more time.

  3. They’re all good, but the one of lauren & the leaves is exceptional. And you & Ron look so relaxed in the hammock.

    • IF you knew how many leaves she threw for me to get a picture!!!!!!! HHAHAHAHAHA I’m not really too good photog for action shots like that. My timing sucks!!!

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