“We’ve Let Ourselves Down So Many Times That Now We’re Nearly Hopeless”

This entry is a continuation of quotes from Beth Moore’s book Get Out Of That Pit, which I am giving away here tonight at 7:00 p.m. There are just so many great points she makes in the book that I couldn’t get them all in one entry yesterday. So here is part 2. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be blessed and challenged as only God can do – through Beth. Just as yesterday’s post these quotes come directly from her book Get Out Of That Pit.

People can help us but they can’t heal us. People can lift us but they can’t carry us. On occasion people can pull us out of a pit, but they cannot keep us out. Nor can they set our feet upon a rock

Only God can change with us through the length and depth of our need.

He can see straight through {us}. He knows when we’re kidding others. He knows when we’re kidding ourselves. Knowing all we are, all we feel and all we hide, God overflows with love and willingness to deliver us.

Isaiah 30:18 – YEs the Lord longs to be gracious to you;..he rises to show you compassion.

IF you will take God up on what He offers so that you can live in victory, you will find thankfulness in your heart for every person who let you down. For ultimately, their failure set you up for this most ecstatic relationship you will ever experience.

Here’s the deal: God wants everything you’ve got. Uncontested priority. Every egg in one basket. All your weight on one limb. This very moment He has His fingers gripped on your chin saying “Right here, Child. Look right here. Don’t look right or left. Stare straight into My face. I am your Deliverer. There is none like Me.”

He alone must deliver you or you will never be free.

Spit out sins of pride. Nothing contributes more to the length of our stay in the pit. Pride is the number one reason why a person who knows better remains reluctant to cry out to God.

He initiates conversation through conviction, and we answer back through confession.

In our Christian circles, we constantly talk about putting our past behind us. That’s not good enough. It’s too easy for us to turn around and pick it up again. We want our past behind God’s back. That way we’ll have to go through God to get back to it.

For most of us who have failed over and over, our faith nearly disintegrated because somewhere along the way we confused faith in God with faith in ourselves. We’ve let ourselves down so many times that now we’re nearly hopeless.

On day s when you feel down, overwhelmed, or discouraged, get to your Scriptures and pray all the faster. On the days when you want to do it least, do it most. Be onto the enemy’s devices. He knows that if he can make you quit praying, he can make you stay in the pit. When the battle heats up, rest assured that you’re worrying your enemy, and he’s trying to distract or discredit you.

What you do, don’t quite. Show the enemy that if he messes with you, you’ll just call out God’s Word all the more. Nothing does him damage like the Sword of the Spirit {scripture}.

Nobody gets the right to keep you in a pit or to shame you for bailing…The healthier we get, the more we realize how unhealthy we were.

Don’t let the enemy tempt you into developing a prideful spirit because you are out {of the pit} and {someone else} is still in. Pride is the fastest track back.

WOW now that is some good stuff! I love how Beth just tells it like it is, don’t you? “Nobody has the right to keep you in a pit or shame you for bailing” – “We’ve let ourselves down so many times that now we’re nearly hopeless.” – “Nothing contributes more to the length of our stay in the pit {than pride”.” People can help us but they can’t heal us.” That last one was a lightbulb moment for me. God is everything we need in every situation. He is our deliverer. We just have to reach up and take his hand and allow him to pull us up.

If these two days of messages from Get Out Of That Pit has spoken to your spirit I would love to hear about it. If you have questions or needs please let me know. I know that this book will help you in ways you don’t even understand yet. If you feel a tug to check it out that is something within you telling you that there is a message for you here. Stop by and enter the giveaway. It ends tonight at 7:00 p.m. Follow your heart. I bought this book especially for someone for this week. I already had a copy but when I was walking around Lifeway the other day it jumped out at me. The Spirit was speaking to me and I felt I needed to buy it and give it away to someone. He has already picked out who it is going to. I am blessed to be the bridge between you and God through this book.


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