They Are “Reasons”…Not “Excuses”…Right?

This has not been my most successful week of 3 in 30. I do, however, have a reason for that. To most people that may be read as “excuse”. But to me it explains why something did not get done and that sounds like a reason to me. So there! My parents came to visit last weekend. YAY! However, that means that I spent 4 days going non-stop well past my threshold each day. Therefore I have spent the entire week trying to recouperate from that. It has taken me until today to feel well enough to even consider getting out of my house. THAT will not happen though because it is raining and nasty and there really is no need for me to be out there in it. Now that is a true “reason” – wouldn’t you say? If you don’t think so please don’t tell me. Just agree with me and we’ll all be happier.

So, I am a bit behind on that blasted laundry. For the first 3 days of the week I didn’t even THINK about laundry (or the computer, for that matter. And that is BAD!). So I am now trying to catch up. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who jumps in and helps me whether I ask for it or not. The kids, however, I have to use guilt to motivate them. Since I try not to do that then I get nothing from them unless I am physically and mentally prepared for the whole bargaining and arguing thing. I do remember telling Michael one day though that “when the pile of towels in your bathroom hamper reaches the top of the shower curtain rod it won’t kill you to wash a few”. Not sure what method I used there. Needless to say it didn’t work though. So, I am thankful for my fabulous husband. He is my right arm, my left arm, my right leg, my left leg, (“do the Hokie Pokie…that’s what it’s all about..”) and my brain most days. Since I am feeling better today I am keeping the washer and dryer hoppin’ to catch up.

I had plans this week to meet Alli for lunch. But clearly I haven’t been up to getting out. But I spent the entire weekend last weekend out and about with my mom. So I think that counts as getting out of the house and spending time with a friend, right? Let’s just go with that! WOO HOO – A GOAL I ACCOMPLISHED THIS WEEK – even if it was my mom!

When I am in a flare I can rarely put two words together to form a complete thought. So, exploring ways to improve my blog and/or turn it in to a money making venture has not occurred. At least I don’t think it did. It may have though. I was on a forum at some point discussing ways to match up my blog with companies to advertise for. Let’s pretend like that happened during this particular week, ok? Otherwise I’ll feel completely like a 3 in 30 failure. Now I just need to remember what forum that was on so I can go back and follow through with the suggestions. Hmmmmmmmm

Next week will be a better week. I will have a much more positive 3 in 30 update to post next Friday. I am already planning the week out. Let’s just hope my Fibro doesn’t bust through the door and take over my life again. And by bust in I mean like, with a bulldozer, kind of bust in.


4 thoughts on “They Are “Reasons”…Not “Excuses”…Right?

  1. You totally had me at “my parents came to visit!” Of course, it took the week to recuperate. Good for you for anything you got done after that.

    My 3 in 30 blog post is still lost in Blogger blackout land but once it’s back you’ll see my own “reasons” for not accomplishing one of my goals and like you, I think it’s a darn good one!

  2. Oh wow I can sympathize a bit with you. Docs thought I had Fibromyalgia (just turned out that our old moldy house had poisoned my body and overuse of antibiotics had wrecked by insides). Anyway we will be praying for a flare free upcoming week for you!!!!!!

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