A Long Time Comin’

I didn’t get around to writing a Perfect Moment Monday entry last week. I was too wiped out to do so. But If I could have I would have written the one I’m gonna write now.

This year was the first year in 17 years that I got to spend Mother’s Day with my mother. The last time I was with her was when I was pregnant with Michael and dad flew me home from Florida to surprise her. That was in 1993. It was really very  nice and a long time comin’. We have bonded quite a bit in the last couple of years during my dad’s illness. I saw a strong side of her that I wasn’t sure (as she wasn’t sure) she had it in her. But we all found out that she did. The times in the last few years they have come down for a visit they have always left before church on Sunday morning because of needing to get home early enough in the evening for mom to rest and get ready for work on Monday. But since she is retired now they didn’t have to leave on Sunday. So, they went to church with us. It was wonderful to share our awesome church with them. The people loved meeting them and getting to tell them how much we had all prayed for dad’s healing. I was a proud daughter.

After church we went to a new (to us) Italian place in West Nashville called Coco’s Italian Restaurant and Market. It has quite a lively atmosphere. They had a violinist and guitarist who would play for you at your table. It was different than anyplace we had ever been. I think it was a little beyond mom and dad’s comfort zone. But it was very unique. Besides, it’s good to stretch yourself every now and then.

Three generations of girls in Coco's Italian Market

The kids with my parents at lunch today in Coco's

Then after we all went back and rested for a bit, Mom and I went shopping to my favorite consignment shop in town, Clothes Mentor. We both found some good deals. So, church, dinner, resting, shopping on Mother’s Day makes for a lot of Perfect Moments!

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3 thoughts on “A Long Time Comin’

  1. Those do sound like a lot of perfect moments on Mother’s Day this year! So glad you got to spend this one with your mom (and your dad too)!

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