A Multitude of Blessings

This is week three of my participation in Multitudes Monday. My goal is to reach 1000 things that I am thankful for. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna share them all this month. So far, I have shared 20 total. I seem to be sharing 10 each Monday. But from what I understand there isn’t a set number that you must share. I also haven’t gotten Ann VosKamp’s book yet – which I certainly want to do as I have heard how life changing it has been in so many people’s lives. We all need some lifechanging moments in our lives. Ok – on with my week for this week. Share yours too! It stretches you!

21. This may sound really odd for someone like me to say. But I am thankful for my health. I’m not so much thankful for the poor health that I deal with every day. I mean that I am thankful that the things that are wrong with me are not fatal or deadly. I have irritation of fatigue and pain but, even when I think I would like to die to get out of it’s grip, I know I won’t. I will be around for my family for a long time.

22. The joy and happiness I hear coming from upstairs where my children are playing XBox together – NOT arguing. They are laughing together and getting along. It is music to my ears.

23. I am grateful that Ron celebrated another birthday this past week. Ok, I admit it gives me pleasure a month and 2 days after MY birthday he catches up with me. But mostly I am thankful that he is still around. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him. I used to seriously waste precious time worrying about something bad happening to him. But now I focus on just being thankful instead of worrying. A grateful heart accomplishes something. Worrying does not!

24. I had a good enough day today to cook Ron’s birthday dinner. His favorite meal is a Japanese meal that is a LOT of work. It wiped me out but I made it through. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. And even if they didn’t they wouldn’t dare tell me otherwise!

25. I’m grateful for a good doctor who is willing to try whatever he thinks might help me with managing my pain. He has gone to bat for me with my insurance company and in less than 2 weeks I will be getting botox injections for my headaches. A good doctor is hard to find. One you get along with is even harder to find. But one who will fight for you is priceless.

26. I was featured on the 3 in 30 site as their featured participant for the week. I’m so thrilled. 3 in 30 has really changed me. I have hopes of bigger changes ahead because of it. If you need motivation in setting goals for yourself and then accountability in keeping you focused then 3 in 30 is your answer. This is an honor for me. The encouragement is just what I need to keep me focused.

27. I have been invited to go upstairs and join the fun with my family. So this week’s list gets cut short. My family is calling. That makes me blessed indeed!

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