If You Give A Dog A Jelly Bean….

…She’ll just want another….Last night Michael did just that! He asked if he could give Faith a jelly bean. I said yes because I knew it would be great entertainment. And to be perfectly honest laughing at members of my family (including pets) is my favorite pasttime. So I was all for it. Obviously I made him wait till I grabbed the camera and got in position to take pictures first. Duhhhhhh! Some of the pictures are blurry because she was chewing so violently and to be completely honest I was laughing pretty hard. So, this is what happens when you give a dog a jelly bean.

She knows something is up

She's figuring out this ain't no dog bone

Oh this is just priceless!

Can you see the green jelly bean stuck to her top tooth there on the left? She was workin’ it!

It looks like she is choking here but she isn't - no worries

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm - then she wanted another one.

I must admit that we did give her about 4 just because it was so entertaining. Don’t worry though. She still has all of her teeth (I think) and I was in arms reach should she have gotten choked. IF there are any Veterinarian Dentist viewing this, no, we do not make this a regular practice.

It was seriously funny though! I should have gotten out the Flip but I wasn’t thinkin’ that fast.

I have no doubt this has to be my Sweet Shot Tuesday post for today. Zip by Darcy’s blog to find some more sweet ones.


3 thoughts on “If You Give A Dog A Jelly Bean….

  1. This reminds me of a time, in high school, that I gave my friend’s retriever a shock tart candy piece. I don’t recommend this because the poor dog started salivating soo much that it was getting all over his fur and the carpet. He then drank an entire bowl of water – oops!

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