Recipes and Pictures – Good Thing It’s Dinner Time

Ok now the real post of the day. Yesterday we celebrated Ron’s birthday because he was flying the friendly skies last week on his actual birthday. Because I never cook I thought I would surprise him by fixing his favorite meal, a Japanese dish called Sukyaki. This is something he grew up eating. His mom made it. His Aunt made it. I can only assume that his grandmother made it. Now I make it. I never cook yet I am the only one who ever cooks this – well his mom does when she is here. But I don’t think Ron has ever made it for us, as the chief cook around here. I don’t mind though. It’s a hard thing to accomplish but I’m pleased to do it for my man. It’s an easy recipe – it’s just time consuming and hard on the upper body of someone with Fibro. I will say that a food processor would make this a MILLION KATRILLION times easier to make. Anyway, here is the recipe and pictures.


1 lb. Round Steak – cut in thin strips

2 cans of beef broth soup

1 1/2 cups carrots

1 1/2 cups celery (which I don’t put it in because I HATE celery! I do, however, suspect that his mom sneaks it in on me when she makes it)

1 Medium green pepper

1/2 cup green onion (I didn’t put this in either but only because I forgot to add it to my list for the grocery)

1 T soy sauce (I use about 3 T)

1 large head of cabbage

Brown the steak in 2 T of cooking oil. Add broth, vegetables, soy sauce. Cover and simmer till cooked down and tender. Serve over rice.

Now doesn’t that sound easy? What it doesn’t tell you is that it takes FOREVER TO CHOP UP ALL THOSE VEGETABLES TEENY TINY! Thus, the food processor would come in handy. Thankfully we have Cutco knives and the Pampered Chef Food Chopper.

You'll want to use a huge pan because until it cooks down it will be running over. The steak was easy to cut with my Cutco knife because that meat is paper thin.

Ok I kept forgetting to take pictures if you can believe that. This is after the beef broth, green peppers, carrots and ONE handful of cut cabbage.

At this point I would like to stop and thank Bravo TV for the show Top Chef – where I learned how to chop vegetables without cutting off the ends of my fingers.

This is after the cabbage had cooked down for about 20 minutes. Seriously, when you first put the cabbage in you can't see anything BUT cabbage.

Cooked down nice and tender and ready to eat.

Plain old white rice to complete the meal

Because I am nothing if not self-deprecating and honest I will admit that I didn’t know how to make rice…….I’ll wait while you stop laughing (insert Jeopardy music here)…..yes, I called MY SON to find out. He wasn’t very helpful. He said “boil water and throw some rice in it”. I could have figured that much out. Then I texted my cousin Lesha who said “I can’t make rice to save my life”. See what I have to work with here, people??? Finally I figured out that the proper ratio is 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice. I will be giving rice cooking lessons later for a small fee.

I also mentioned that I made a very unique cake. It is yummy and quite a little gem. Here’s the recipe:

Triple Chocolate Surprise Cake

1 pkg of chocolate cake mix

1 8 oz. container sour cream (YES SOUR cream)

1 pkg instant chocolate pudding mix (I bought the large but I suspect it meant the small box)

1 cup chocolate chips (I use milk chocolate instead of the semi-sweet chocolate)

3/4 cup oil

4 eggs

1 cup water

Here’s the surprise – you cook this all day IN THE CROCKPOT!!! Spray your crock pot and just mix it all right there in the crockpot. Cook it on low for 6-8 hours. We had it with vanilla ice cream.

Good day indeed! But that Sukyaki wore me slap out! There is an easier way to do it to make it Fibro friendly – LIKE HAVING A FOOD PROCESSOR! But it was worth the effort because he loved me for it!


5 thoughts on “Recipes and Pictures – Good Thing It’s Dinner Time

  1. Sounds incredibly good! I must confess, I didn’t laugh at your admission to not knowing how to cook rice. But I did chuckle out loud when I read Michael’s response!

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