I’m Not An Idiot But Apparently I Play One On My Blog

Today is Wednesday. That means today is Pour Your Heart Out day over at Shell’s blog. Most of what is on my heart today are things that are really ticking me off. Lucky for you I am only going to pick ONE of those things today. You’re welcome!

I have known for a while that my blog appears cluttered. I have been wanting to fix that so I have been perusing WordPress.com blog themes to find one that I think would help me have a simpler more streamlined look. The problem is that the previews for each of them only give you a very small picture of ONE option. Sure the writing underneath the example says you can do X, Y, Z, XX, YY, ZZ, XXX, YYY, ZZZ….with the theme. However, I have no creativity whatsoever. So, while I’m sure that telling a user they can do this, that, the other, the foreign, the obscure and put that here and this there and make this that and make that this may be helpful to your average joe (or jane) with a single spot of creativity in their mind it may help. But for people like me who can’t see beyond what is laid out right before me that scares me. What that means to me is if I don’t want my blog to look just like the preview then that theme is not the one I want – never mind all the things it SAYS I can do. I NEED TO SEE IT DO THOSE THINGS!

So, I decided that I would go to my Twitter friends for help. I tweeted about my dilemma one day. However, most of my tweeps utilize blogger or have a self-hosted blog. A self-hosted blog is what I REALLY want. However that costs money. PAYING for a HOBBY is a mortal sin apparently. So, the best I can hope to do is to find out answers to my questions. Those in WP land on twitter suggested I “browse the themes page to find what best suits me”. SERIOUSLY? Did they think I hadn’t done that? What did they think I had been doing? Praying to the WP gods for a vision? Yeah, I got nothing there! So, then I went to the WP feedback option and sent a message explaining exactly what I was wanting to do with my blog and asked for a suggestion for the best theme that would allow me to recreate that. There reply was a link taking me to the “theme pages to find a theme that would best suit my needs”. PEOPLE!!! SERIOUSLY?????? I am not a teenager (or a man) who asks mom (or wife) where something is before I have even looked for it myself. I’m not ignorant.

All I want is someone who is familiar enough with the various WP.com themes who could make a recommendation of a theme that would give me one main column, one sidebar, a footer where I can place my friends’ blog buttons and a header where I can keep my regular blog heading. I’m just a blogger sitting in front of the screen begging for some WP help. I don’t have the brain of infant. I just don’t have the brain of a creative artistic type who can see a finished product with a few basic pieces laid out in front of me.

Perhaps I’m not making myself clear about what I’m looking for. My ultimate goal is to make my blog simple and appealing to sponsors so that I can eventually begin making money on blogging. Right now I feel like if a business came to look at my blog they would see a crowded mess. I want to streamline and clean it up. But I don’t want to lose the essence of who I am either. I like supporting my fellow bloggers. I like participating in blog hops and supporting them by posting the buttons in my sidebar. I blog about everything. But I want them to know that I can make room for them too. This happens to be one of my 3 in 30 goals for the month – making changing and exploring ways to make money on my blog.

Who knew my heart was so full of aggravation? Thankfully today is Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday or else I’d have to keep this all bottled up inside. And if you believe that I have a tropical island in Alaska to sell you!


9 thoughts on “I’m Not An Idiot But Apparently I Play One On My Blog

  1. Pam,

    I use self-hosted WP and will gladly look at some themes for you and offer some recommendations. But, I probably won’t have time to do it until LATE tonight or tomorrow (at the earliest). In a little while, I’m taking the kids out for the day (since “B” turns 12 on Sunday). When I get home, I have to finish a homeschool review and post it BY midnight. Have I ever told you I’m a procrastinator? LOL! (Seriously, I work best under pressure!)

    It will REALLY simplify things for you if you start off with WP.org, so that you don’t have to make the switch from .com. IF you are interested, I can also offer some suggestions for HOW to get that done (domain hosting, transfer services, etc.) Just let me know!

    Do I have your email address? I don’t think so! Please feel free to email me at caratemberton at yahoo dot com, where we can talk more freely about stuff. :o)

  2. Ha! So I guess I’m the idiot! You are already using WP.com for your blog. Duh! I clued in when the comment subscription confirmation email arrived and it was from WordPress!

    I can still help you though. Email me! 🙂

  3. For the record, I don’t think your blog looks too bad. I know how you feel though. I’ve been working on mine for almost four years and sometimes I learn something and am stunned it took me so long to get it.

    • I totally agree, Kim! I don’t think the blog looks cluttered at all, but I am used to looking at a lot of different blogs. There’s one that I don’t visit any more because it is an assault on my eyes. I mean, really, if *I* can’t deal with it, then it is REALLY too much!

      However, I think people who are part of “blog culture” are more accustomed to processing what they see on a blog. I invited someone to read something on my blog and she said she couldn’t find it because my blog was “overwhelming”. So, it really is a relative thing dependent upon the READER’S perspective.

      Ultimately, it is Pam’s blog and if she wants it to look more streamlined, then that’s OK with me. (LOL, as if I have a say in it. Haha!)

    • Kim and Cara, Thank you so much! I think my mail thing is that I want sponsors to look at it and see that there is a place for them,, you know? But Ashley said she didn’t think we could use .com blogs to make money. So I will have to change to a self-hosted blog before doing that anyway. Since she mentioned that I think I do remember seeing that somewhere before.

      So basically I guess I don’t need to worry about any of this for now. 🙂

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