Live In The Joy Of The Moment

As I write this week’s 3 in 30 entry I am sitting outside at my patio table enjoying the light breeze, the perfect sun, the happy birds and the peacefulness in my spirit. I’m just not convinced it gets better. The least of my concerns right now is the laundry waiting for me upstairs, how to make money or getting dressed to go out to meet someone. Those were my goals for this month. I don’t know if that is really what I should be writing in a 3 in 30 update post. But that’s what I’m feeling.

I think it’s perfectly fine to lay life and responsibilities aside every now and then and just enjoy the perfect moments you come up on occassionally. As women there appears to be something on our plate 24/7.  We could never sleep and we still wouldn’t get it all done. So every now and then I embrace that and encourage myself to just soak in the moment. We don’t give ourselves permission to do much of that. Why is that? I know if I press on and worry more about the task then I discover that I miss the joy in the moment. That’s not what God intended for us.

The laundry is still gonna be there, the dishes aren’t going anywhere, the kids schoolwork doesn’t have to be done right this second… so what’s the rush? And even if you work outside the home in an office setting your paperwork will still be there in 10 minutes if you step outside to listen to the birds sing. Think how much happier you will be in your spirit if you accept the little blessings God sends us along the way. He created all of nature…he set the number of hours in the day…he created the children/family/friends that you love…overlooking all of that CAN’T possibly make Him happy. I picture him (cause I’m a visual learner) standing in front of us saying “WAIT! Do you hear those birds singing? Isn’t that beautiful? I created them and their song to speak peace to your spirit. PLEASE stop long enough to hear them.”

So don’t be discouraged if you didn’t live up to your expectations you put on yourself for this week. If you heard one chirp of a bird or tilted your head to the sky and felt the sun on your face then you have accomplished something great. You have accepted God’s gift into your heart. And you didn’t even know THAT was on your list, did you?


15 thoughts on “Live In The Joy Of The Moment

  1. Wonderful wisdom! It is so hard to just BE in the moment, instead of wondering and rushing and worrying to get other things done. So glad that are realizing it 🙂

    Can NOT believe I haven’t visited you before!!

  2. Sweet post–i like it. It’s a message we should all heed. I especially follow it when I have a camera. Since mine has been in the shop, it kills me to notice the beauty in a sunrise (on my way to work) and not be able to capture it. I guess that’s why I like taking pics–It allows me to capture the moment to savor later 🙂

  3. *eyes fill with tears*
    Thank you for sharing your words, thoughts & feelings. they so touch my heart & spirit.
    And somehow the last 3 times I have come to your blog your words were just what I needed to hear to not feel alone, to not beat myself up, to not feel like a failure at life.
    I’m sending a big virtual hug your way!the inspiration you are!
    Thank you!
    ~Mippy 🙂

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