Fired Up Family Night

Last night we had a terrific family night. We all went to a local place called Fired Up. You chose an unfired piece of pottery and paint it. Then you leave it there and the owner fires it through the week. You go back in a week and pick it up. And if you don’t finish is the first time you can come back as often as you want to complete it. The evening was a culmination of Ron’s birthday celebration. We all made bowls – like for ice cream. The bowls are the same size but we each painted ours in our own style. Ron and Michael didn’t finish theirs. They will have to go back to finish them. Lauren and I completed ours last night. We will pick ours up next Friday. Here are the pictures of the night.

Lauren drew on her pattern. The pencil marks do not show up after the firing process

work work work

Finished Project

Michael working diligently

Finished for now

My turn

All done!

All Done! I also painted a purple Fibro Awareness Ribbon. It comes with a black corded necklace.

Ron working it out

Deep concentration

Didn't quite finish

SUCCESS!! A fun family evening


5 thoughts on “Fired Up Family Night

    • It is really a lot of fun. There are simple items to paint and very intricate items to paint. I already spotted what I want to paint next time.

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