An Unhappy Patient

Let me just begin by saying I am not happy! I have been taking Neurontin since I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998. That is 13 years. That means for the last 4,745 days of my life I have taken Neurontin. Got That? Hold on to that information.

Now, my doctor’s office does not call in refills. You must have an appointment each month (pain management doctor) for refills. Neurontin is one of the meds that I take that I get 3 refills at a time. That means that every 3 months I get a new refill for the next 3 months. So, I ran out of N on 5/16 and contacted my pharmacy to have it refilled. When I had gone to the doctor the end of last month I did not receive my refill (Dr’s oversight – yes?). If you know anything about Neurontin you know that it is one of those medications that should not be stopped without a doctor’s instructions.

Well as is typical for a pharmacy contacting a doctor’s office, there request was ignored on 5/17. I was willing to go without it for a couple of days for the doctor’s office to get it’s act in gear – even though I figured they hadn’t. It should be pointed out here that I am never one to break their guidelines by asking for special attention or anything of that sort. They require you to take your empty bottles to each appointment so they can count the meds for your chart. I have never forgotten mine. I cannot recall any other time that a pharmacy has had to call in for a refill. They are usually really good about keeping up with my refills even when I’m not.

So, as I was saying, I gave the office a couple of days to get around to approving the refill – knowing that I had an appointment this coming Friday. HOwever, I also know that this would be 10 days WITHOUT my medication. SURELY they would call it in. I went in to Target (fab pharmacy by the way) on Friday (5/20) to check on it. They still had not heard ANYTHING from my doctor’s office. I got on the phone to the office and left a message. This was now day 4 without the medication. I received a call TODAY from the doctor’s office saying they would NOT be calling in the refill since I had an appointment on Friday, the 27th. I explained to the girl the situation and that I had been without the med because my refill was not given on my last appointment as it had been. She said she would talk to the doctor again. YOu know I figured I had already been without it this long so what’s a few more days because I KNEW it would take at least 2 more days for them to get around to talking to the doctor and getting a response. By then I would be standing in the office anyway.

So, I decided to do without it. I have made a note of the timeline and am gonna go in full of information to Friday’s appointment – completely withdrawn from my Neurontin – and let them know I am not happy. I will do that, of course, AFTER they shoot me up with needles full of Botox. (I’m no dummy!)

My point is that I am a good patient. I follow all the rules. I understand all the rules. I know that my entire medical and medication history is right there in their computers. I realize that things are overlooked but do me right! When you open up my file and see that my last prescription was now OUT and a refill was not written THEN GO THE EXTRA MILE FOR ME AND CALL IN MY MED SO I AM NOT IN WITHDRAW!! Now I am mad…good things do not happen when I am mad. I appreciate the good care that I receive from this doctor’s office. However, this time the typical “no rush” attitude that most doctor’s offices seem to be famous for is not setting well. I am paying your salary! I expect you to bend over backwards for me on the rare occasions that I need you.

(Now it should be pointed out here that the “doctor” I have been seeing for regular treatment for a couple of years now is one of my doctor’s P.A. This is not my beloved Pain Management doctor who I have such a wonderful relationship with. However, I will be talking to HIM about this incident Friday as he will be the one giving me my injections. And he DOES bend over backwards for his patients. I assure you that THIS will not happen again. Mostly because from now on I will be seeing HIM regularly and NOT the P.A anymore.)


6 thoughts on “An Unhappy Patient

  1. I got to that same type of pain magmt. doc too. I have never had to call for early or lost refills either. I sure do live in fear of ever losing a script or pills tho! Just the thought of them thinking I would do anytihng wrong scares me! Its awful those of us who live in chronic pain have to also suffer the humiliation of dealing with pain management personel, some of who could care less about our pain….or in your case the fact that you were going without an important med that could’ve caused a seizure or worse! I would pitch a fit! After the botox! lol

  2. I can’t stand the run-around for getting refills from your pharmacy by them contacting your physician! I have learned that it may require my pharmacy up to 3 times of contacting a physician (various ones) before my refill gets filled. I’m not even talking about pain management medicine. Now I always call my pharmacy after 1-2 days and see if it has gone through and ask them to resend it. I’ve even called physican’s offices myself and they tell me they didn’t get anything when the pharmacy swears they’ve sent it 3 times!! Ugh! If that is the system they want people to use for refills, at least make it work well!

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