This Girl Of Mine Just Cracks Me Up

I need a laugh! I don’t know about you but I just do. Every now and then a girl just needs a good belly laugh. Know what I mean? So today I intend to provide us both with the opportunity to do just that. When I was thinking about this last night I couldn’t remember if I’ve actually already told you about it or not. But even if I have it’s good enough to tell again.

About a month or so ago Lauren was still in prom preparation mode. I should say all of us were still in prom prep mode. You’d be surprised how much time and money it takes just to get a girl ready to go to prom. One of the links in the chain of preparations was tanning. She wanted a nice tan to show off her dress. So we bought her a tanning package at a tanning salon close to our home. Someone was taking her every single day for her to go to the tanning bed. We were out for Sunday lunch one day and the topic came up about her tan. She made the comment that she needed to lay on her stomach in the tanning bed now. I asked her why. She said because her back was getting tanner than her front. So I asked her if she wasn’t pulling the top of the bed down far enough because she shouldn’t have that problem. She looked at me with this “dumb blonde” (I can say that because I am blonde and she is my daughter) look at said “you can pull that down?” – oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!! She had been going every day and not pulling down the lid. I pictured her laying there with the lid up every single day. That was the funniest thing! We all laughed at her AND with her. Poor thing….So after lunch I took her to the tanning salon myself. When she came out I asked her how it went. She said “it sure gets hot in there when you close the lid”. And she said she got claustrophobic.

Whatever the process it all worked just fine! She was surely beautiful on prom night. And the laughing helped too. A girl who can laugh at herself is much more beautiful than one who cannot.



8 thoughts on “This Girl Of Mine Just Cracks Me Up

  1. Oh my goodness this cracked me up and I needed it! I can relate as my daughter just went with her boyfriend to his senior prom and yes…prepping started a month or more in advance and tanning was also included, but she closed the lid…hahaha, too funny! And yes, anyone who can laugh at themselves is beautiful! I do dumb stuff every day, and I know its funny! hahah!

  2. I love your last line: “A girl who can laugh at herself is much more beautiful than one who cannot.” So true. Glad you all enjoyed her big moment.
    Visiting from Weekend Rewind. 🙂

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