Skinny Shirts

A while ago I posted an entry about how much I disliked visiting a blog and finding a Giveaway. However, after all this time and all the giveaways – and after hosting some of my own giveaways and after winning a couple of them – I’m singing a different tune.  HAHA! I have discovered a lot of really cool products. I have not made it my full time job as it appears to be for some people. But if I come across something really cool I will jump through the hoops and climbing through the obstacle courses some blogs require in order to enter.

One such giveaway is going on right now. And yes one of the requirements is to share it. I usually would just skip over that requirement and opt out. But this looks really cool actually. I’ve never heard of this product and I don’t mind sharing it – even though that would mean it lessens my chance of winning. I know there are a number of women out there like me who have some extra pounds cushioning themselves – which in turn adds to extra rolls in unsightly places. This product seems to be helpful in smoothing those spots out.

I have a drawer full of spanks of various types to hide and smooth and suck in fat here there and everywhere. I would love to add one of these Skinny Shirts to my collection. I’m a clothes hound and have outfits for every situation. This product looks really cool as well. What do you think? Click over to my friend Karen’s blog, Mommy’s Moments,  and check out the giveaway.


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